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Environmental Report 2014

Significance of the 2014 Environmental Report

At the JAE Group, we work to fulfill our environmental responsibilities based on respect of the natural environment and biodiversity, and by carrying out environmentally friendly business activities. In this way, we have established a basic philosophy of contributing to the realization of a prosperous, sustainable, recycling-based society. It is based on this environmental policy that we pursue environmental management.

In fiscal 2013, we placed special emphasis on the fight against global warming, reducing materials and chemical substances used, moving forward on green procurement and environmentally friendly design, and waste reduction and other related activities. We were able to achieve our objectives.

Takaji Imai, Executive Officer in
Charge of Environmental
Management, JAE Group
With regard to global warming, the overall amount of greenhouse gases emitted increased in line with higher sales and production. However, it is notable that each company in the Group achieved all of its emissions reduction goals and significantly improved on energy usage per unit. In addition, in energy usage audits performed at the two production sites in Japan by the Ministry of the Environment and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the company received independent environmental evaluations. These third-party perspectives helped us to qualitatively improve the company’s environmental management.

At the foundation of the JAE Group’s environmental management efforts is our environmental management system. In an assessment, we were able to renew our ISO 14001 certification for the eighth time since implementing our domestic multi-site framework. We will continue to effectively utilize this management system to further reduce our environmental impact and broaden our environmental activities.

This online environmental report summarizes our fiscal 2013 environmental activities. Nothing would please me more than to hear your opinions on how we could make further improvements to our environmental activities.

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