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Environmental Report 2014

JAE Group Forest

The JAE Group Forest was established as a symbol of the group's environmental policies in order to improve environmental awareness by providing experiences in forest preservation for group employees, including the protection of the Okutama forest and its watershed.
Some 3,500 trees were planted there including some that provide beautiful seasonal color such as Prunus jamasakura (Japanese cherry), Acer mono (Painted Maple), and Magnolia kobus, and others that are native to Okutama forest and provide food for the animals that live there, including Quercus serrata, Japanese zelkova, Japanese horse chestnut, Japanese walnut, and Japanese cypress. This is expected not only to protect the forest, but also to help preserve the biodiversity there. 

Thus far, more than 350 employees have planted trees, cleared underbrush where saplings grow, and placed nets for protecting against damage from deer. Work was conducted to remove vines that were impeding tree growth by clinging to trunks and branches. 
On opening day 

Ten years have passed since the inauguration of the JAE Group Forest, and the trees planted by the employees have grown to around 3 meters today. This season, pruning will be done to foster further tree growth. In early spring, Magnolia kobus and Japanese cherry produce flowers, while in fall, a certain amount of autumn color can already be enjoyed. As the trees grow, other plants and birds have begun to appear. However, in February of this year, heavy snowfall caused some of the trees to collapse, even breaking some of their trunks, so going forward, employees will work to mend the trees. 
A Japanese cherry tree in spring
Japanese cypress trees felled by heavy snow 
Employees working to prepare a forest path
The completed forest path

The JAE Group Forest will contribute to the maintenance and recovery of biodiversity through not only business activities, but also activities that contribute locally, including land/greening management and groundwater replenishment. The forest also functions as a symbol of the Group’s environmental commitment. 

Overview of JAE Group Forest
Location Aza Osawairi, Hikawa, Okutama-machi
Area 1.33ha
Overview •A third-party profit-sharing afforestation agreement between the JAE Group, forest owners, and Tokyo Development Foundation for Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Term: Fifty years starting in 2004
•Tree types: Japanese cypress and broadleaf trees, such as Japanese cherry, painted maple, Magnolia kobus, konara oak, zelkova, horse chestnut and Manchurian walnut.

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