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11/25/2015 Update

Variations of USB2.0 Compatible Connectors,
"MX39", "MX45", and "MX49" Series
for Automotive Have Been Expanded

JAE has expanded the variations of USB2.0 Compatible Connectors, "MX39 Series", "MX45 Series", and "MX49 Series" for automotive infotainment applications.
Recently, the functionality and the entertainment of information and communications technology equipment have increased, therefore the more users connect smartphones, tablet PCs, notebook PCs and audio players to car navigation systems and car audio systems using USB2.0 connectors.
Along with this trend, the demands for I/O and in-car wiring have been increasing and also a demand for diversification in their shapes and mounting methods has been required.
Variations of USB2.0 Compatible Connectors

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