Electric Vehicle Quick Charger Connector
"KW1 Series"
Has Received UL Certification


Along with the increase in environmental consciousness, electric vehicles that do not emit CO2 while driving have been strongly entering the market since 2010, and they are expected to continue increasing in popularity.
JAE has already released the "KW1 Series" connector, which is compliant with the JEVS G 105 (1993) standard used for the CHAdeMO quick charger protocol that originated in Japan and is being promoted as a global standard.
CHAdeMO protocol chargers were first introduced in Japan but their implementation is also picking-up speed overseas, such as in Europe and the United States. JAE has now received the UL and cUL certification for the KW1 Series with the aim of expanding into the US market.
The certification process includes very severe tests such as Vehicle Over Drive, in which the product is run over by a vehicle weighing two tons. The KW1 Series passed all the tests and its superior reliability has been proven.
Also, targeting even further expansion in the market, we are in the process of obtaining the CE mark, which is an essential requirement for products in Europe.

Note1) CHAdeMO: CHAdeMO is a brand name for the quick charger protocol proposed as a standard by the CHAdeMO Association.
Note2) Regarding EV charging: there is an average-speed (7-14 minutes) AC charging (100V to 200V) which is available mainly at homes and parking lots,and DC charging (500V) for quick charging (15-30 minutes) at public locations. The connector standards for both are different.

:: Features


Superior operability
Connection to the EV is made by pushing the connector into the EV inlet, and is removed by pushing the release button and pulling the connector, allowing for easy operation.
Also there is a mated/unmated indicator on the top of the grip, so if there is mis-mating an indication for incomplete mating will be shown.
Light and easy usage
Main body of the connector is approximately 1kg, lightest-class-weight in the industry.
In addition, working together with our subcontracting companies the employed cable is flexible and lightweight, achieving excellent operability.
Easy maintenance
The connector sidewall is also a detachable cover.
Even during an unlikely event, such as if the connector does not unmate, quick and direct confirmation and maintenance can be done on-site by detaching the sidewall.
High reliability and safety
An electrical locking method is used to prevent the connector from unlocking during charging. And, in addition to the mated/unmated indicator, the position of the latch is detected electrically to prevent unmated charging
Durable and highly weather-resistant
Passed severe durability tests required for UL certification such as drop test and Vehicle Over Drive, in which the product is run over by a vehicle weighing two tons.
The metal parts of the main components of the connector are stainless steel, and highly weather-resistant material with low degradation from ultraviolet rays and moisture is used for the outer mold.

:: Applicable market


Quick Charger for Electric Vehicles (CHAdeMO Protocol)


:: General specifications


No. of Contacts: 2 pos. for power, 7 pos. for signal
Rated Current: 120 A for power, 2A for signal
Rated Voltage: DC500V
Insulation Resistance: 100M ohms min.
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: AC 2,200V per minute
Durability: more than 10,000 times
Insertion Force: 90N max.
Operating Temperature: -10 Deg. C to +40 Deg. C

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