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(06.24. 2015)

USB Type-C™ Connector "DX07 Series" Has Been Developed

USB Type-C connector DX07 series supplied by JAE electronics

JAE has launched the plug and the receptacle of DX07 Series connectors which are compatible with the next-generation USB Type-C™specification.

The USB Type-C™ connector has a compact design to be mounted to mobile phones. Also it has multi-terminal with high-density mounting compared to conventional specifications for making compatibility with 10 Gbps high-speed communication, maximum 5A high-current power supply and reversible plug without worrying about the orientation. It is required to have more connection reliability and high-speed signal transmission characteristics in a higher level.

As a manufacture who took part in the standardization of the USB Type-C™ specification, JAE has met the requirement such as superior EMI / EMC characteristics and sufficient mechanical strength, and lock structure with superior durability on the basis of our past experiences in high-precision design technology and high-speed communication design technology for compact connectors.

Also we will supply our products stably in high-quality to customers with our fully automatic production and fully automatic inspection framework.

Note1) “USB Type-C™” is a trademark of USB Implementers Forum, Inc.

:: Features of USB Type-C™ Connector DX07 Series

  • Compliant with Universal Serial Bus Type-C™ Specification Release 1.1.
  • Compatible with 10Gbps SuperSpeed communication (USB 3.1 Gen 2 Compliant)
  • Supports 5A max. power supply. (Compatible with USB Power Delivery)
  • Reversible plug orientation makes possible to insert both ways up.
  • Superior EMI / EMC characteristics.
  • Design to secure mechanical strength of both receptacle and plug.
  • Lock structure with superior durability.

:: Part Number of USB Type-C™ Connector DX07 Series

:: Receptacle (Mounting Terminal 2row SMT Type)
  Part Number Configuration Specifications
1 DX07S024JJ2 On-board USB3.1 Gen2
2 DX07S024JJ3 USB2.0
3 DX07B024JJ1 Mid-mount USB3.1 Gen2
4 DX07B024JJ2 USB2.0
:: Plug
  Part Number Configuration Specifications
5 DX07P024MJ1 With protection cap USB2.0 / USB3.1 Gen2

:: Applicable market

Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs, televisions, small LCD displays, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, and other compact hand-held devices.

:: Specifications

1. No. of Contacts : 24 pos
2. Rated Current : 5A max
3. Rated Voltage : AC20V r.m.s.
4. Contact Resistance : 40m ohms max.(initial)
5. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage : AC100Vr.m.s (for 1 minute)
6. Insulation Resistance : 100M ohms min.(initial)
7. Operating Temperature Range : -30 Deg. C to +80 Deg. C
8. Mating Cycles : 10,000times

:: Links

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