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(03.23. 2016)

New "TX24A / 25A Series" 1.27mm Pitch High-speed Transmission
Board-to-Board Connector Has Been Developed

TX2425A series 1.27mm Pitch High-speed Transmission
Board-to-Board Connectors supplied by JAE electronics

JAE has developed the new TX24A / 25A Series, a higher-speed version of the popular 1.27mm pitch TX24 / 25 Series board-to-board internal connector used in industrial equipment.

The amount of the data processed in various office automation and communication equipment such as multi-function printers and routers is ever increasing, with internal signaling now supporting DisplayPort1, PCI Express2, and other high-speed transmission.

The TX24A / 25A Series is an 80 contact, 1.27mm pitch, horizontal mating, board-to-board connector with a design that is ideal for high-speed transmission due to the improved electrical characteristics of the upper contacts.

The TX24A / 25A Series also incorporates superior features of the existing TX24 / 25 Series connectors like a strong click feeling, robustness, and high contact reliability. The connector was designed with rack-and-panel mounting in mind, and shares the same mating interface and board-mounting footprint as the existing TX24 / 25 Series. The TX24A /25A can be used as a replacement in the existing connector applications, as well as used in a wide variety of other devices.


Note 1: DisplayPort™ is a trademark of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).
Note 2: PCI Express is a trademark or registered trademark of PCI-SIG.


  • Footprint and mating compatibility with the existing TX24 / 25 Series.
  • Robustness and mating guide ideal for rack-and-panel mounting.
  • Click feeling ensures complete insertion.
  • High-reliability with long contact stroke length.
  • Electrical characteristics improved from TX24 / 25 Series, supporting higher-speed transmission.

  • Electrical characteristics of the upper contacts are improved. High-speed signals are arranged in the upper row.
TX24 / 25 existing product and new product. Note: Comparison data of eye-patterns of upper contacts 5.4Gbps differential signaling, two pairs are driven

:: Applicable Markets

Office automation equipment, broadcasting systems, measuring instruments, image display systems, etc.

:: General Specifications

Number of Contacts 80 positions
Contact Resistance 40m ohms max. (initial)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage A.C500Vr.m.s for 1 minute (initial)
Rated Current 1.0A per pin
Insulation Resistance 100M ohms min. (initial)
Mating Cycles 500 times
Operating Temperature Range -40 Deg. C +85 Deg. C

:: Materials and Finishes

Component Material and Finish
Insulator Glass filled PBT
Contact Copper alloy /
Contact area: 0.1µm min. Au plating over Ni
Terminal area: Sn plating over Ni
Hook Pin Copper alloy / Sn plating over Ni


Glass filled PBT

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