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Narrow Pitch, Space Saving Board to Board Connector Introduction [04'49"]

With improved functionality and miniaturization of mobile devices,
the demands on the Connector have increased and become more sophisticated.

Requirements for Connectors are;
*Smaller and thinner
*High speed / high capacity
*Resistance to drop impact and high mechanical strength

To meet these requirements, JAE has developed WP series connector.

DW Series Overview. Battery connectors for Energy Storage [07'32"]

DW1, 2, 3 Series
- Integrated power and signal, sequenced mating, shock prevention design
- High-reliability 2-point signal contacts
- One side floats when mounted for easy mating
- Electric shock prevention
DW4, DW05 Series
- Prevents electrical shock
- Easy connection and unplug

USB TYPE-C Connector Next generation standard interface DX07 series promotion video [01'43"]

- Compatible with Universal Serial Bus Type-C Specification Release 1.1
- Compatible with 10Gbps SuperSpeed communication (USB 3.1 Gen 2)
- Supports 5A max. power supply (Compatible with USB Power Delivery)
- Reversible plug makes it possible to insert both ways
- Superior EMI/EMC characteristics
- Design for high mechanical strength of both receptacle and plug
- Lock structure with high durability

Intro to DX07 Series [02'17"]

・Compatible with USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification Release 1.1
・Compatible with 10Gbps, USB 3.1 Gen 2 SuperSpeed communication
・Supports a maximum of 5A and 20V of power for charging
・Reversible plug allows for easy insertion and removal
・Superior EMI/EMC characteristics with multiple ground contact points
・Friction lock included within plug connector
・Rear shell option available for additional shielding


・JL10 series
One-touch, screw mating Compatible with MIL Spec UL and TÜV approved Circular connector Waterproof (IP67)

・DF02 series
Half-Pitch (1.27mm) Interface connector Light-weight plastic hood For faster harnessing

Intro to DW3 Series [02'42"]

・150A High-current connector for 1U 19inch Rack
・Quick connect for easy assembly and maintenance
・Electrical shock prevention structure
・Connector bus bar in series

Intro to DW2 Series [02'35"]

・Rated current
-Power contact: 200A per contact
・Quick connect for easy assembly and maintenance
・Integrated power and signal, sequenced mating, shock prevention design
・Applications range from grid energy storage to data center backup power

Intro to KW1 Series [01'16"]

EV Quick Charger Connector KW1 Series

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