Changeable Series


Changeable receptacle
This product has been developed for use with all types of optical connectors by separating the ferrule retention part (rear shell) and mating part (front shell) in the connection of optical elements such as PDs and LCDs and optical connectors.
FC, SC and ST front shells can be easily inserted in or removed from the rear shell with a one-touch lever lock.
Stable optical connection is attainable, regardless of the front shell used, through positioning of the ferrule on the optical connector to be mated using a precision sleeve made of zirconia ceramic.

General Specifications

Ferrule retention opening accuracy2.5005 ± 0.0005 mm dia.
Mating/ removal life1000 times
 * Supports FC, SC and ST types. For other types, please contact us directly.
  * For information on products compatible with angle PCs, please contact us directly.
   * Various configurations of the element mounting parts for the rear shell are available
Changeable receptacle

Technical Resources

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Status RoHS compliant REACH compliant Shell type Connector Remarks
Active Front shell FC type
Active Front shell SC type
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Status RoHS compliant REACH compliant
Shell type Connector Remarks