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To submit an inquiry to JAE or request a JAE catalog, please complete the form below for your inquiry/request, and carefully read the section "Handling of Customers' Personal Information". If you agree, please tick the consent box and press "submit" button.

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Handling of Customers' Personal Information

Personal information provided by customers (hereafter referred to as "Personal Information") shall be used and handled at JAE group entity that you have contacted via this "Contact US" form (hereinafter referred to as "JAE", "we", "us" or "our") in strict accordance with the following provisions.

  1. 1. Purpose
    Personal Information shall be used for preparing our responses to the customer's inquiry and request for a catalog (hereafter referred to as "inquiry, etc."), and for distributing information (relating to new products, technology, events, etc.) free of charge.

  2. 2. Information Management
    Personal Information shall be held in safekeeping with necessary and adequate security measures taken against leakage, loss and damage.

  3. 3. Disclosure to third parties
    We may provide Personal Information to JAE affiliated companies (for details, please see our global network) and/or JAE authorized sales representative in your region in order to, among others, reply to customer’s inquiry effectively and promptly and shall never provide Personal Information to any other third parties without the customer's prior consent. Please also note that Personal Information may be submitted to judicial or public service agencies should such agencies request us to disclose Personal Information under law.

  4. 4. Placing Personal Information in trust of a consignee
    Personal Information may be placed in trust of JAE affiliated companies and/or the aforesaid authorized sales representative. In that case, JAE shall impose contractual obligation and take any other measures that are required and appropriate for supervising the JAE affiliated companies and/or the authorized sales representative concerning management of Personal Information.

  5. 5. Manner of Providing Personal Information to JAE
    Please make sure that your Personal Information is provided to us freely. If necessary Personal Information is missing, we may not be able to reply.

  6. 6. Disclosure, correction, etc.
    If a customer wishes to disclose, correct or terminate use of Personal Information, JAE shall abide by your preferences as far as possible within reasonable limits. Please make your request to our contact cited under item 8 below.

  7. 7. Parent's consent
    Customers under 18 of age need their parent's consent before making an inquiry.

  8. 8. JAE's contact for inquiries:
    Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited
    JAE Taiwan, Ltd.

  9. 9.Personal Information protection policy
    For JAE's Personal Information protection policy, click here.

Please tick the box to show your agreement with the above Privacy Policy before "Submit".

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