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Fully-shielded Board-to-board (FPC) WP16RS Series for 5G Millimeter-wave Has Been Launched

Board-to-board (FPC) WP16RS Series for  5G Millimeter-wave

January 19, 2022
JAE has launched the WP16RS Series of high-frequency, fully-shielded board-to-board (board-to-FPC) connectors that are ideal for connecting 5G millimeter-wave antenna modules (AiP: Antenna in Package) in smartphones and other small mobile devices.

Along with the popularization of 5G (5th generation mobile communication system), the data communication volume of mobile devices such as smartphones is accelerating. In order to cope with the increasing traffic, many countries are making use of millimeter waves, which can be used for high-speed communication 10 times faster than 4G with a wide bandwidth.
Millimeter-wave-compatible smartphones are equipped with an antenna module for millimeter waves called an AiP, and a connector for high-frequency transmission will be required for RF signal transmission between the AiP and the main board.

To cater to these trending requirements, we have launched the WP16RS Series, high-frequency compatible, fully-shielded, board-to-board (FPC) RF connector that can be used for signal transmission between the AiP and main board.
This product is completely shielded with a metal shell encircling the entire perimeter of the connector. This significantly suppresses radiated noise, which is a problem with high-frequency transmission inside of compact devices such as smartphones. At the same time a new contact structure was adopted for the high-frequency dedicated terminals (RF terminals) in the connector, achieving good characteristics even in the millimeter-wave band. The six signal terminals are also smaller, with a narrow pitch and a new structure capable of handling high current (1A per position). In addition, the adoption of a unique trumpet-shaped deep-drawn shell and the installation of armor (metal guide) inside the connector ensure alignment and robustness during mating, while the small size and low profile contribute to space saving in the device.


Mounting Example

For smartphones, multiple antennas (AiPs) are arranged in different directions to compensate for the problems caused by millimeter-wave directivity. High-frequency FPC cables are used to connect between the AiP and the main board.
The signal received in millimeter-wave band communication is converted into an intermediate frequency (about 15GHz or less) within the AiP, and transmitted to the main board by a high-frequency FPC. For each AiP interface, a connector (A in below figure) is mounted on the AiP and another connector (B in below figure) is mounted on the main board.
To maintain this transmission path characteristic, connectors with great shielding performance and signal integrity characteristics are required.
Wave-stack™ is the best RF connector for AiPs with exceptional shielding and high-frequency signal transmission capabilities.WP16RS Mounting Example


  • Full shielding: The entire transmission path, including the terminals, is covered with a shell to provide optimal shielding performance.
  • High-frequency signal integrity: A new dedicated high-frequency terminal has been developed for the RF terminals in anticipation of even higher frequencies in the future.
  • Support for power supply: New narrow pitch multipurpose signal terminals that can handle 1A per position.
  • Robustness and alignment: High robustness and alignment are ensured by the use of a trumpet-shaped deep-drawn shell and the installation of armor (metal guide) inside the connector.

    WP16RS Features

Applicable Markets

Smartphones, tablet PCs, notebook PCs, wearable devices, and other small portable devices in general

General Specifications

Part Number

Plug: WP16RS-P008VA1

Receptacle: WP16RS-S008VA1

Terminal Pitch

0.35mm (Signal Terminal)

Number of Terminal Contacts

RF Terminal × 2 positons, Signal Terminal × 6 positions

Mating Height


Operating Temperature Range

-40°C ~ +85°C

Contact Resistance

50mΩ max. (initial)

Number of Guaranteed Insertions and Removals

30 times

Current Capacity

RF Terminal: AC,DC each 0.3A per 1 pos.

Signal Terminal: AC,DC each 1.0A per pos.

Rated Voltage


Insulation Resistance

100MΩ min. (initial)

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage



≦1.2, ~ 6GHz
≦1.5, ~ 20GHz

High Frequency Characteristic

The RF terminals developed specifically for high-frequency applications provide high-frequency performance that maintains good characteristics even in the millimeter-wave band.
High Frequency Characteristic

WP16RS Series (0.35mm Pitch Full Shield Board-to-board (FPC) Connector) (For more details) >

WP16RS Series image


Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.