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USB Type-C® Connector Solutions

  • 2022/07/21

The changes of the latest USB standard “USB4®” and the outline of the new “USB PD EPR” specification that was adopted in May 2021. Along with the overview, we will also introduce our products and initiatives.


Factory Automation, SPE and Miniaturization

  • 2022/06/29

JAE has a long history in providing high quality connectors for the factory-automation industry, and is now perfectly positioned to serve the growing Industry 4.0 as well.


The Electric Vehicle Industry

  • 2022/06/02

With a long history in providing high quality connectors for the traditional automotive industry, JAE is also perfectly positioned to serve the growing electric vehicle market.


Automotive Lighting and New Horizons

  • 2022/04/08

JAE has a long and established reputation as a supplier of high quality connectors to the automotive lighting market. In feedback from established customers’, two factors are regularly cited as reasons why they return to JAE solutions again and again. Namely, miniaturization and reliability.


5G and the Advanced Connectivity Industry

  • 2022/04/06

The growth of 5G around the world means more data will be travelling faster around more devices, and the reliability of connectivity between those devices will be key to the success of 5G. JAE is playing its part in providing high quality connection solutions to this key market.