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MEMS Accelerometers

JA-70S Accelerometer

The 3 axis JA-70 has been developed more recently to offer a lower cost MEMS based alternative to quartz accelerometers in applications like sway&tilt analysis, structural health monitoring, industrial vibration control and seismology. This model provides similar performance even at low frequencies to other high accuracy accelerometers and is more economical for applications that require multi axis measurement.



  • Ultra-low noise, equivalent performnce as quartz acclerometer in low frequency
  • Low cost
  • 3-Axis measurement in compact package


  • Vibration measuerment, Stractual Health Monitoring
  • Tilte measuerment of high speed train

Technical data

Operating temperature -20℃ to +70℃
Shock (Survival) 100G
Input voltage ±5V(DC) ±0.5V(DC)
Input current (Quiescent) 17 mA Max.
Range X, Y Axis ±2.0G Min.
Z Axis -1G to +3 G
Noise (1Hz to 30Hz) 1×10-6Grms/√Hz Max.
Scale factor (Nominal@25℃) 2.000 V/G±5%
Bias(Nominal@25℃) X, Y Axis ±100 mG Max.
Z Axis -1.0 G ± 0.1 G
Bias temperature coefficient ±200μG/℃ Max.
Frequency response 200Hz Min.
Weight 100 grams Max.

Accelerometer must only be exported in accordance with all relevant regulations.

Technical information provided including specifications, drawings and schematics are for reference only.
Information provided is subject to change without prior notice.
Please contact your local sales representative with any questions before ordering.

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