JAE Cookie Policy

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What are cookies?
Cookies are small chunks of information, which may be stored as files on your computer or mobile device. Using cookies enables recording access histories (access logs) and preference of users. Additionally, sites that you have registered may offer services developed by combining cookies and registered information from users.
How do we use cookies?
  • This website uses cookies set by JAE‘s web server (first party cookies) and also uses cookies set by third party (third party cookies) in order to improve the contents of this website or e-mail from JAE and to achieve greater customer satisfaction, or for customization to individual customers' preferences.
  • The individual third party cookies and their purposes are given below:
    • Google Analytics (third party cookie)
      For statistical analysis information obtained in order to improve services
      For more information on Google privacy policy or to opt out of Google Analytics cookies on all websites, please visit
    • Pardot (third party cookie)
      For statistical analysis information automatically obtained in order to improve services.
      For more information on Pardot and their privacy policy, please visit http://www.pardot.com
  • Access histories (access logs) of users of this website collected by cookies are recorded in JAE's web server mainly to be used for the purposes given below. Access logs contain no information that allows identification of individual users.
    • To isolate causes of problems occurring on the web server and for troubleshooting
    • To perform statistical analysis of use status for improving services as well as for site management
How to control cookies
  • You can configure browser settings to refuse cookies or to be prompted before accepting a cookie. Most services provided on this website are available without accepting cookies. However, without using cookies, there may be cases where certain limitations apply to the contents of services, or cases where services cannot be used at all.
    For more information on how to control cookies, please visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/
  • Opt out
    • If you would like to opt out of using cookies on this site, please un-check.
    • Please note that if you clear or block cookies, change browsers, or in any case after one year, you will need to re-enter your opt out setting.
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