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New MX72F Series Straight Squib Automotive Airbag Connector with Ground Terminals Has Been Launched

MX72F Series Straight Squib Automotive Airbag Connector

September 8, 2021
JAE has launched the MX72F Series, a squib connector for automotive airbags that complies with the European AK2 interface standard (*1) for squib connectors with ground terminals.

Automobiles are equipped with a variety of devices to ensure passenger safety. In addition, the number and types of airbags are on the rise while taking into consideration that airbags are required to be installed by the laws and regulations of each country.

With the recent evolution of automated driving technology, automobiles are required to have advanced safety performance. It comes to be there are airbags now that are designed to protect not only the head of passengers, but also the entire body. For example side impact, thorax, and knee airbags, as well as external pedestrian safety airbags. Further technological developments such as the research of technologies to deploy airbags before the car collision, are forecasted in the future.

In Europe and the United States, the AK2 standard, the shunt-less standard referred to as the AK3 or ABX-5, which eliminates the short terminal on the inflator side, and the AK2-Plus standard, which allows connector grounding connection, are widely used as squib (ignition device) connectors for inflator units used to activate vehicle airbags and seatbelt pretension and retractor systems.

In response to these trends, we have launched the MX72F Series. It is an AK2-Plus standard compliant straight squib connector and is an addition to the existing AK2 compliant connector "MX72A/B Series" and AK3 compliant connector "MX72C/D Series".

The straight squib connector “MX72F Series” is a squib connector with a ground terminal, which contributes to improved workability by enabling grounding connection by mating the connector. This is useful in cases where grounding is difficult to obtain on the inflator side, such as in the inside of the seat, where previously grounding had to be done with a separate component.

This product is a self-reject type connector with an incomplete mating prevention mechanism that utilizes the reactionary forces of the spring to function as a spring enabled CPA (*2), as with the existing MX72A/B Series and MX72C/D Series. In addition, the audible click and tactile feedback of the connector during mating can signal the operator when secure mating has occurred and contributes to the improvement of workability and reliability of the airbag system. Furthermore, two types of keys (CODE IV and V) are compatible with USCAR and ISO standards and are available to prevent incorrect mating in case of multiple use.

We will continue to develop new products and expand variations of airbag squib connectors to provide connectors for SRS airbag safety applications and our goal is to continue to meet the increasing demand for airbags in the future.

Note) This product is sold only as a cable harness and is not provided as an individual connector.

  *1 Interface standard: ISO-19072-1,-4 and USCAR 999-U-002-1-Z02
  *2 CPA: Connector Position Assurance


  • Spring-based self-reject structure ensures complete mating and functions as a CPA
  • Grounding connection by ground terminal is possible with no need for grounding connection at the inflator side
  • Serviceable connection (insertion and removal possible) at any position of the cylindrical collar part
  • Terminal probe holes enable quick signal check on the connector
  • Two types of key codes (CODE IV, V) used to prevent incorrect mating
  • Reliable and stable contacting portion with three-contact-point and gold plating
  • Connector mating orientation can be identified by the flat surface of the cover.

Inflator side retainer key shape

MX72F Series Inflator side retainer key shape


MX72F Series Structure

Applicable Market

Automotive airbag inflators

General Specifications

Number of Positions 3 positions
Applicable Standard ISO-19072-2
Operating Temperature Range -40 deg. C to +100deg. C
Connector Insertion Force 50N max.
Contact Resistance 10 milliohm max. (signal terminal)
Applicable Wire IRT2 (B2), FLRY B 0.35sq and 0.5sq


MX72F Straight Socket Connector

Component Material / Finish
Socket Housing PBT-GF15% (Color: White (CODE IV), Black (CODE V))
Cover 1 PBT-GF15% (Color: Yellow)
Cover 2 PBT-GF15% (Color: Green (0.35sq), Blue (0.5sq))
Slider POM (Color: Gray)
Collar POM (Color: Black)
Spring Music wire
Ferrite NiZn

Socket Terminal

Component Material / Finish
Signal Terminal Copper alloy / partial Au plating
Ground Pin Copper alloy / Sn plating

MX72A/MX72B Series
(Squib Connector for Automotive SRS Devices)
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MX72A/MX72B Series image

MX72C/MX72D Series
(Squib Connector for Automotive SRS Devices)
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MX72C/MX72D Series image

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