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New RP07 Series Hybrid AOC (Active Optical Cable) Combines High Speed Transmission and Power Supply in One Cable

RP07 Series Hybrid AOC (Active Optical Cable)  Combines High Speed Transmission and Power Supply in One Cable

October 15, 2021
JAE has developed the RP07 Series of hybrid AOCs that enable high-speed transmission and power supply in a single cable and is targeting start of sale second half of 2022.

Recently, the demands for high-speed transmission has grown in a variety of markets and devices due to increasing image resolution and communication capacity. However, conventional copper cables have limitations in transmission speed and length. Additionally, for applications such as medical equipment and machine tools, it is necessary to minimize the radiated noise from the cable, and increase the cable’s immunity to external noise. Although optical cables can meet these requirements, they have a shortcoming of being difficult to handle because they require cleaning of the optical connector end face before connection. Therefore there is a requirement for a new solution that is easy to handle, while having high-speed and long distance transmission capability, and electromagnetic environment compatibility.

To cater to these needs, we have developed the RP07 Series high-speed transmission connectors.

This product combines both optical fibers and copper wires in a single hybrid cable. Utilizing the advantages of both cables enables higher degree of freedom in transmission design. This makes it possible to support camera applications requiring power supply and control equipment applications requiring half-duplex communication.

The RP07 Series has a proprietary optical modules with reduced size, and a USB Type-C® connector interface, that is increasingly used in a wide range of equipment. This product can be used for broadcasting equipment and game machines that must transmit high-definition images, as well as industrial equipment such as machine tools and medical equipment that require electromagnetic compatibility, high-speed transmission, and long distance transmission. In addition to the standard friction lock connector, we are also developing various mechanical lock types, and we will gradually expand our range of variations.

Note: USB Type-C® and USB-C® are trademarks of USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum, Inc.)


  • USB Type-C® interface
  • Miniaturization realized by in-house developed optical modules
  • Supports high-speed transmission (optical) + low-speed signal (copper) + power supply (copper) using one hybrid cable
  • Maximum of six optical fibers per cable, up to 25Gbps, and transmission distance up to 300m(Note 1)

Note 1: In case of 10Gbps

Applicable Markets

  • Markets and devices that require high-speed transmission in accordance with the high-definition graphics and high-capacity communications
     (AV equipment, gaming machines, HMDs (Head Mount Display) and other wearable devices)
  • Markets and devices that require noise resistance, high-speed and long-distance transmission
    (Industrial Equipment such as Communication Equipment, Medical Equipment)





Transmission Speed

 • 1 to 25Gbps

Supported Interfaces 

 • USB, DisplayPort, PCIe

Signal Level

 • CML (AC couple)

Fiber Optical

 • GOF GI-MMF OM3 850nm

AOC Power Supply

 • DC3.3V, or 5V single power supply operation

Application Example

 • Video signal (display, camera)
 • High-speed data transmission
 • Noise and insulation measures



Number of Pieces

Depends on the configuration of high-speed signals, power supplies

Application Example

(Single-ended signal / differential signal,
full-duplex signal / half-duplex signal)

Power Supply

Rating (Maximum)

5A / 20V (Note: Depends on cable length)

Transmission Distance

300 m (Note: Optical transmission only)

Operating Temperature Range

0 to 75°C (Note: Non-condensing, depending on operating conditions)

Storage Temperature Range

-20°C to 85°C (Note: Non-condensing)


Plug type and the number of optical and copper cables can be freely adjusted depending on the application.
RP04 Series Variation

RP07 Series Catalog Download

RP07 Series Catalog

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