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Received the "Electric/Electronic Parts and Components Award" at the 2021 “CHO” MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award

"WaveConnect" Compact and High-performance Antenna

October 18, 2021

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry (JAE) received 2021 “CHO” MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award in the category of Electric and Electronic Parts and Components sponsored by the Monodzukuri Nippon Conference and the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper for the “WaveConnect Compact and High-performance Antenna.”

“CHO” MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award is intended for parts and materials that make significant contributions to the development of industry and society. In addition to machinery, electrical and electronic products, and automobiles, superior parts and materials are selected that contribute to Japanese manufacturing from fields related to the environment, health, biotechnology, medical equipment, and everyday life.

The "WaveConnect", an award-winning compact and high-performance antenna, is a surface mount component which can be easily installed on Wi-Fi equipment, IoT(Internet of Things)machines, and automotive communication devices.
 •1/5 the size when compared with conventional dipole antennas
 •Excellent radiation performance up to 90% (theoretical limit 100%)
 •Able to be automatically installed on PCB, using a mounter
With the features above, this antenna is expected to contribute to downsizing of radio equipment, upgrading quality of radio communication, and greater productivity of machines and equipment. It also improves radio communication efficiency, which helps save power usage by the equipment.

The unique structure of the antenna makes it possible not only to achieve excellent performance but also excellent productivity, since the antenna is composed only of ordinary copper alloy plates.


JAE Antenna Webpages https://www.jae.com/en/antenna
WaveConnectJAE developed the brand WaveConnect that combines “radio waves" and “connecting
technologies,” and supplies compact antennas as key parts of various wireless devices.
JAE has been releasing products in the connector business on the basis of the “connecting
technologies” as an important keyword. In the compact antenna business, we will also
provide antennas that wirelessly connects various things in better quality, aiming a
supporting a daily convenient life and social infrasructure under a concept of
“Smart Connectivity with WaveConnect.”

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