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JAE developed 50Gbps PAM4 Optical Communication Module Prototype for High-Speed Optical Communication Market

July 20, 2022

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry (hereafter JAE) has developed prototype of 50Gbps optical communication module using multi-level modulation technology “PAM4” for ever-expanding high-speed optical communication market.

Optical communication module prototype
Optical communication module prototype

50Gbps PAM4 optical transmission waveform
50Gbps PAM4 optical transmission waveform

In recent years, the communication speed of access system networks has been increasing as various electronic devices such as PCs, smart phones, and tablets handle a great deal of information. In addition, as we move toward 5G, Beyond 5G, and the era of all-optical networks, there is a demand for higher communication speeds in metro core network systems as well, making it essential to increase the speed of optical communication modules to be used.
JAE focused on PAM4* modulation technology, which is a multi-level modulation technology that enables increased information transmission over conventional optical on/off (NRZ*) modulation, and have been developing prototype optical communication modules that use this technology. Unlike conventional metal cable communications, multi-level modulation communications using light transmit information over optical fiber, optical modulation and demodulation technology is important.
We have been developing elemental technologies such as our unique optical splicing technology for optical fiber transmission and high-frequency design technology to handle high-speed signals of 25G Baud (number of modulations per second). We have recently developed a prototype of optical communication module capable of 50Gbps transmission based on these technology, and have confirmed favorable excellent optical transmission waveforms.

JAE will further develop this technology for automotive applications, where standardization is underway, on-board transmission in equipment using optical waveguides, and for parallel optical transmission to develop products with a transmission speed of 800Gbps per device.

※ NRZ: Non-Return-to-Zero
※ PAM4: Four-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation An encoding method with double the information volume per symbol compared to NRZ.

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