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Development of Non-Magnetic SMPM Coaxial Connector Prototype

October 31, 2022

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry (JAE) has developed a non-magnetic SMPM coaxial connector prototype for cutting edge devices such as quantum computers.

Non-magnetic SMPM Coaxial Connector Prototype
Non-magnetic SMPM Coaxial Connector Prototype
(Left: straight jack harness, right: plug receptacle)

Quantum computers (*1) are able to analyze enormous amounts of data and provide optimal solutions in fields such as AI, quantum cryptography, social transportation infrastructure, and drug discovery research. Development of devices that use terahertz radiation for sophisticated diagnostic devices in the medical field is also advancing.
These devices with an eye to the future have increased the need for electronic components to become more compact and compatible with high frequency signals. In addition, because the physical properties of the connector components affect the performance of the device in some use environments, there is a need for connectors that are adapted to that environment.
JAE has developed prototypes of a non-magnetic SMPM (*2) coaxial connector and ultra-low temperature coaxial cable assembly based on the technology cultivated through the man-made satellite and other space businesses. Coaxial connectors that are unaffected by magnetic properties are critical for the correct operations of some devices.
JAE will continue to utilize its development technology capabilities to develop products such as multi-contact SMPS (*3) coaxial connectors and terahertz radiation.

*1: A computer that utilizes quantum mechanical phenomena and has calculation and processing abilities that far surpass conventional computers
*2: Mating opening is MIL-STD-348A standard compliant
*3: An extremely small-sized coaxial connector that is even more compact than SMPM


  • Non-magnetic
  • Mating opening is MIL-STD-348A standard compliant
  • Board-to-cable connection
  • Easy to operate push to lock mating system

Applicable Devices and Markets

  • Quantum computers
  • Communications market
  • Medical market

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