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KW04 Series Charging Connectors Compatible with The Type-2 CCS EV Fast Charging Standard Has Been Launched

KW04 Series Charging Connectors Compatible with

JAE has developed and launched the KW04 Series EV charging connector compatible with the Type-2 CCS (Combined Charging System) electric vehicle fast charging standard, which is now becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

Recently, the exhaust gas regulations for automobile have been tightened as part of the global warming measures, and the market for EV with a lower environmental impact has been expanding.

Along with the spread of electrical cars, in Europe implementation of the charging stations is also rapidly increasing. To cater to these demands, JAE has launched the KW04 Series EV charging cable connector, compatible with the European Type-2 CCS fast charging standard.

As the EV market evolves and develops and the number of charging stations increase, more and more drivers will have the confidence to switch to an Electric vehicle. The more EV drivers on the road the quicker the lifecycle of the plugs / contacts will be reached.

Usually, charging connectors that have reached their product life span have to be totally exchanged. However, the KW04 has been designed in a way that allows for replacement of the plug interface, thus reducing the time to replace both broken and lifecycle exhausted interfaces. To reduce the cost of the replacement the design has been carefully thought through to enable the interface exchange to be possible while the cable is attached to the charge unit, reducing both time and need for a technician. The simple exchange procedure is easy to follow and are detailed in the instructions included in the replacement kit.

In addition, as a safety precaution, a double insulation structure has been adopted to protect the live part inside the connector from water intrusion, so that a short circuit will not occur even if the exterior is breached or damaged in anyway by unexpected accidents.

The KW04 Series saves time and expense associated with replacement, and at the same time achieves a high level of security. In addition, the product meets the European Conformity safety standards and is CE certified, making it a product that customers can use with confidence.

We will supply the EV charging connector KW Series to our customers together with the CHAdeMO standard compatible products in mass production.

Note) CCS (Combined Charging System): a standard charging method promoted by the CharIN e.V. (Charging Interface Initiative)
Drawing of replaceable area of KW04
Drawing of replaceable area

KW Series Line-up






Fast Charger

Medium-speed Charger, V2H, V2G

Fast Charger


Fast Charger, KW01
Medium-speed Charger, V2H, V2G, KW02
Medium-speed Charger, V2H, V2G, KW03
Fast Charger KW04

Compliant Standards

CHAdeMO 1.2

CHAdeMO Ver.1.2
V2H guideline Ver.2.1

Type-2 CCS







Mating Area


2 position

2 position

2 position

3 position
(DC+, DC-, PE)


7 position

8 position
(compatible with No.3)

8 position
(compatible with No.3)

2 position

Power Supply Line

Rated Current




150A / 200A

Rated Voltage





Wire Size






35mm² / 70mm²


Outer Diameter






φ27.5mm / φ34.4mm


Rated Current






  • Compatible with the fast-charging standard Type-2 CCS
  • CE-Marking (IEC62196-3 Compliance, Certification Organization: TüV Rheinland)
  • Structure with replaceable engagement area
  • Safety design with waterproof protection of live parts inside the connector
  • Highly reliable design using highly environmentally resistant materials

Applicable Markets

Fast charger for Electric Vehicles (Type-2 CCS compatible)

General Specifications

Rated Current: 150A / 200A (Note) for power supply, 2A for signal

Rated Voltage: DC1000V for power supply, AC30V for signal

Number of Contacts: 2 position for power supply, 1 position for Protective earth, 2 position for signal

Insulation Resistance: 5MΩ min. (Apply DC1000V between adjacent contacts.)

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: AC 3,000V / 1 minute

Durability: 10,000 times

Insertion Force: 100N max.

Operating Temperature Range: -30°C ~ +50°C


Note) Products with rated currents of 150A and 200A are available.

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Please note that the details may be changed.

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