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Creating the future through "CONNECTION" technology
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Japan Aviation Electronics Industry (JAE) is committed to creating innovation through collaborative creation with our customers toward the realization and development of Society 5.0.
At CEATEC 2022, JAE will propose solutions to realize customers innovation through demonstrations and introduction of focused and representative products.


  • CEATEC will be held at Makuhari Messe for the first time in three years. We are very much looking forward to meeting you in person.
    With the theme "Toward Realization of a Sustainable Society," the JAE booth will feature our new technologies and products in scenes where JAE aims to create social value through collaborative creation effort with its customers.

  • We will have corners where you can actually touch our products, so we hope you will come and visit us.

  • Please watch the video to learn more about our vision and efforts for creating innovation together with our dear customers as well as contributing to society through our business operations.
    JAE President Tsutomu Onohara



Connected Society

We will introduce proposals for communication infrastructure and devices that support a society where people in the world are connected with each other, and introduce examples of product development through collaborative creation.

  • 1.Connector for mobile devices
    We will introduce the world's smallest connector, the WP Series, to be installed inside smartphones, smartwatches and other devices, as well as “Wave-stack,”— a connector ideal for relaying 5G millimeter wave antenna modules. We will also introduce smart textile connectors for clothing-type wearable devices.
  • 2.Connector for networks / Product prototype jointly developed with Yamaichi Electronics
    We will introduce JAE products used in 5G base stations. We will exhibit cable connectors which were jointly developed with Yamaichi Electronics Co. This jumper cable interconnect solution can perform stable data transmission at 112Gbps PAM4 signaling.
  • 3.Antenna
    We will introduce the AN01/AN02 Series of compact, high-performance antennas, which are key components of various wireless devices, and new types of antennas made by combination of JAE's proprietary antenna technology and our special precision machining technology.

Safe Mobility

We will introduce the application scenarios and connection examples of our products, for building a safe, secure, and comfortable mobility society.

  • 4. High-speed transmission compatible connector for connected car and infotainment / Automotive AOC
    We will introduce a wide variety of connectors for high-speed transmission in the “Connected” and “Infotainment” categories, which have been developed using the technology accumulated through our extensive history of achievements. Samples will be made available for visitors to actually touch and feel. As a new technology exhibit, we will also introduce a hybrid type automotive AOC that has both high-speed transmission and a power supply.

Industrial Innovation

We will introduce our products and technologies for robots and industrial equipment which enable efficient and safe production activities.

  • 5.Floating connector for high-speed transmission
    We will introduce the features and abundant variations of the "AX01 Series"— floating type board-to-board connectors for interior use, which supports high-speed transmission and achieved high contact reliability with two points of contact, which are developed for board-to-board connectors for industrial equipment such as robots, automatic machines, and machine tools.
  • 6.Interface connector for robots
    A wide variety of connectors will be introduced, including connectors for space-saving composite arrangements required for robot wiring, as well as ultra-compact relay connectors for interior connections.
  • 7.Demonstration of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) power supply
    In collaboration with SOFTBANK Corporation, we will introduce an autonomous travel signage robot and demonstrate the mating of power feed connectors for AGVs.

Clean Energy

We will introduce the products that can be used in V2H systems for homes and offices, etc. in the scenario where JAE contributes to a society that uses environmentally friendly energy.

  • 8.High-current / charge and discharge connector
    We will exhibit connectors for EV charging and discharging in a V2X system configuration that are compliant to CHAdeMO specifications for use in homes and offices. EV chargers are needed in a variety of situations, and ease of handling is a key point for use by people of all ages and genders. The products are displayed in a manner for visitors to actually handle. Please visit our booth and experience the EV charger for yourself.

Air, Space and Ocean

We will propose sensor systems that support the IoT, utilizing products and technologies the JAE group has been accumulated for many years in the air, space fields.

  • 9.Highly reliable flight controller for Industrial drones, radar altimeter
    We will introduce products for drones which are expected to be widely used in various fields such as logistics, medicine, agriculture, defense, and security.
  • 10.Industrial IMU and sensor / undersea probe-dedicated inertial navigation system and sensor package
    Industrial products are expected to be utilized in the space field. We will introduce industrial IMUs and sensors for those applications.
    We will also introduce products for the maritime frontier.

Design UI/UX

  • 11.Exhibition of technologies for reducing reflection of metal mesh sensors for large screens and for reducing visibility of fingerprints. As a new concept, we will also demonstrate non-contact sensors developed by capacitive sensor technology, printing technology, and converting technology.



    • WP16RS Series

      0.35mm Pitch Full Shield Board-to-board (FPC) Connector

    • WP26DK Series

      0.35mm Pitch Robust Stacking Type Connector

    • WP10 Series

      0.4mm Pitch Stacking Type Board-to-board (FPC) Connector

    • WP56DK Series

      Board-to-board (FPC) Connector Achieving 0.3mm Terminal Pitch

    • WP66DK Series

      0.35mm Pitch Smallest Stacking Type Connector

    • 112Gbps Jumper Cable Interconnect Product for next generation data networking market

    • RK01 Series

      Smart Textile Connector

    • DX07 Series

      USB Type-C Connector (Receptacle, USB4® EPR Harness, ACC Harness)

    • SN01 Series

      JEDEC XFM Device Ver1.0 Compliant Connector for Removable Storage Devices

    • FO-BD7 Series

      Outdoor Environmentally Resistant Optical Connector with Thermal Management Design

    • FO-BD6 Series

      SFP Direct Connection Waterproof Connector

    • JL10W Series

      Outdoor Environmentally Resistant Circular Waterproof Connector

    • JN2/W Series

      Outdoor Use Waterproof I/O Circular Connector

    • CP08 Series

      Coaxial Connector Conforming to MIL-STD-348A Standard

    • SMA Series

      Frequency Range to 3GHz (Cable Harness), Threaded Coupling (1/4-36UNS) Connector

    • N Series

      Frequency Range to 3GHz, Threaded Coupling (5/8-24UNEF) Connector

    • AN01 Series

      Antenna for Wi-Fi 6E

    • AN02 Series

      Vertical Antenna for Wi-Fi 6E


    • Automotive AOC

      Automotive Active Optical Cable (Automotive AOC)

    • MX79 Series

      Automotive SerDes Compatible Connector

    • MX74 Series

      Automotive Ethernet 100BASE-T1 Compatible Connector

    • MX77 Series

      Automotive Compact Low-profile SMT Connector

    • MX62 Series

      Automotive USB3.0 Gen1 Standard Connector

    • MX50 Series

      HDMI TypeE Connector

    • MX68 Series

      Automotive SerDes Compatible Connector

    • MA01 Series

      125℃ Automotive Grade, High-speed Transmission, Floating Board-to-board Connector

    • MA07 Series

      Automotive USB3.2 Gen2 Standard Connector

    • MA02 Series

      High-speed Transmission (16Gbps) , 0.5mm Pitch Floating Connector

    • MY05 Series

      High Voltage (1000V) Connector for EV, BMS

    • SN01 Series

      Connector for XFM DEVICE


    • KW02C Series

      Charging and Discharging System Connector for EV

    • KW1C Series

      Quick Charging / Charging and Discharging System Connector for EV


    • Automatic Charging Connector for Autonomous Mobile Robot

      Autonomous Mobile Robot

    • MA01/AX01 Series

      125℃ Automotive Grade, High-speed Transmission, Floating Board-to-board Connector

    • JL10 Series

      One-touch / Screw Compatible Waterproof Connector

    • JB10 Series

      All-plastic, One-touch Lock, Waterproof Connector

    • JL04V Series

      TÜV, Circular Connector

    • KN01 Series

      High-density, Waterproof Rectangular Connector

    • KN02 Series

      All-plastic Rectangular Connector

    • KN03 Series

      All-plastic Waterproof Rectangular Connector

    • KN06 Series

      Rectangular Multi-pole Modular Hybrid Connector

    • DX07 Series

      USB Type-C Connector (Receptacle, USB4® EPR Harness, ACC Harness)

    • USB3.2 Waterproof Circular Connector

    • DF02 Series

      1.27mm Pitch, Interface Connector

    • DZ02 Series

      Compact I/O Connector for Safety Equipment Connection of Industrial Applications

    • DZ07 Series

      RJ45 Connector

    • BNC0 Series

      IEC60169-8 Compliant BNC Connector

    • M12 Series

      IEC61076-2109 Compliant Connector

    • CB1 Series

      IEC60169-29 (Type 1.0/ 2.3) Standard Compatible Compact Coaxial Connector

    • HB03 Series

      Compact Cable In-line Connector

    • KX14/15 Series

      0.8mm Pitch, Board-to-Board Connector

    • WR Series

      0.5mm Pitch, Board-to-Board Connector

    • TX24/25 Series

      1.27mm Pitch, Board-to-Board Connector

    • TX24A/25A Series

      1.27mm Pitch High-speed Transmission Board-to-Board Connector


    • JA-5 TYPE III

      Navigation Grade Accelerometer

    • JA-40GA

      Ultra Low Noise Accelerometer

    • JIMS-80S

      MEMS IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)

    • SMART DM

      Directional Module


    • Electrostatic UI for Next-generation Vehicle Interiors


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