New Release: JB12 Series (M12-style X-code and D-code) Compact Waterproof Ethernet Connectors for Industrial Use

April 16, 2024

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry (JAE) has developed and released the JB12 Series, (M12-style X-code and D-code) compact waterproof Ethernet connectors, which are compliant with IEC standards and ideal for use in a wide variety of connections within industrial applications.


Robots, automated equipment, and the like have been introduced in great numbers in manufacturing facilities for the sake of factory automation, and demand for advanced networking within factories has increased.

As industrial equipment become more compact, they become increasingly more complex in design. With the incorporation of machine vision cameras and the like, wiring spaces in the interior of the equipment have become limited.

JAE has developed and released the IEC standard compliant (*1) JB12 Series (M12-style X-code and D-code (*3)), compact waterproof Ethernet (*2) connectors to meet these industrial equipment design needs. These products are screw-mating connectors with lengths in the shortest class in the industry among various alternate in-line connectors, allowing them to be installed even in constricted spaces within industrial equipment.


These connectors are designed with crimp terminals compatible with the conventional general-purpose crimping tool, M22520/2-01. Also, the the X-code version can accommodate a wide range of cable sizes, improving wire installation for thicker wires (AWG 22 to 24) and allowing wiring within equipment in constricted spaces with finer wires (AWG 26 to 30) (X-code).



  • Compact, waterproof jam nut type in-line connector
  • Allows for highly reliable shielded connections, as well as flexible connection of shielded wires of various thicknesses
  • An expanded crimp termination range for X-code, AWG #22 to #30

Applicable Markets

Robots, automated equipment, industrial equipment, such as numerical control machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and general equipment.

General Specifications

Contact arrangement X-code D-code
Transmission characteristics Cat.6A Cat.5e
Number of contacts 8 contacts 4 contacts
Rated current (per contact) 0.5 A/contact 4 A/contact
Rated voltage 48V AC/DC 250V AC/DC
Applicable wires (contacts) AWG22~24
External diameter of compatible wires Φ1.4max Φ1.7max
Connection method Crimped Crimped
External diameter of compatible cables Φ3.5~5.0
Mating type Screw mating
Protection class IP67 (in mated condition)
Standard certification cUL/UL (UL2238)
Shielded connection Yes
Operating temperature range −40°C to +85°C (including temperature rise)

Materials and Finishes

Component Material / Finish
Contact Copper alloy / Au plating
Outer shell Zinc alloy / Nickel plating

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*1:International standards for electrical and electronic equipment issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission
*2:M indicates the nominal diameter of the threads, and the code indicates the contact arrangement type
*3:A typical communication network standard used in wireless LANs


Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.