Policy for Official Social Media Accounts Utilization

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has established this “Policy for Official Social Media Accounts Utilization” (hereinafter referred to as this “Policy”) with respect to the basic policy and matters to be observed in the utilization of the official social media accounts. If you intend to be a user of the Company’s official account (hereinafter referred to as “User(s)”), please read this Policy carefully and use the official accounts only if you agree to comply with this Policy.

1. Basic policy
The Company uses social media for broad distribution of the Company’s information related to its products, corporate activities, events, etc. Regarding the utilization of social media, the Company is committed to compliance with related laws, regulations and the JAE Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and taking responsible actions as a member of society.

2. Official accounts
The “official accounts” in this Policy shall mean social media accounts that are opened, operated, and managed by the Company as part of its corporate activities, with the approval and supervision of its responsible person in charge of the official accounts on social media.
 Name:JAE / Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.
 User Name:@JAE_Group
 Name:JAE / Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.
 User Name:@JAE.Group
 User Name:jae_group

3. Management and utilization of official accounts
3-1. Users shall agree to and comply with the following items when using the official accounts.
・The information posted on the official accounts does not necessarily represent official announcements or opinions of the Company. The announcement of official messages is made on the Company website and through press releases.
・Information posted on the official accounts may be changed or deleted without notice.
・Operation of the official accounts may be terminated or changed without notice.
・The Company does not respond to all comments posted on social media. In addition, any inquiries by DM (direct message) in principle cannot be answered.
・The Company does not follow all Users who follow the official account. On the other hand, the Company may follow Users, even when the Users do not follow the official account.
・The Company is not able to respond to questions about software and applications related to social media, their functions or instructions for use, or the utilization of social media systems, etc.
・The Company has no obligation to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information in the official accounts.
・The Company has absolutely no responsibility for any content posted by Users (posted comments, photos, videos, etc.).
・The Company has absolutely no responsibility for any problems or disputes among Users or between Users and third parties related to the official accounts.
・The Company shall have absolutely no liability for any damages arising out of the User’s use or failure to use the official account or for any damages resulting from the Company’s measures set forth in 3-2 below.
3-2. Posts to the official accounts or other actions covered by any of the following actions are prohibited. If these actions are found, any information posted in connection with such actions will be, totally or partially, deleted or removed from the display. Also, following of the official accounts will be cancelled, or access to the official accounts will be temporarily or permanently blocked without prior notice to the Users in question.
・Actions infringing on the rights or property rights of the Company or third parties (including, but not limited to, image rights, privacy rights, and intellectual property rights in general, including copyrights and trademark rights).
・Actions that slander the Company or third parties
・Actions that violate the privacy, credibility, dignity, or reputation of the Company or third parties (including acts that identify, disclose, or leak personal information)
・Actions that are disadvantageous or damaging to the Company or third parties
・Actions impersonating the Company or a third parties
・Actions that induce criminal activity
・Actions in violation of public order and morals or laws
・Utilization for affiliate, advertising, or promotional purposes
・Actions providing information that contains harmful, obscene, or violent content or a depiction of said content
・Actions that all social media services define as fraudulent
・Any action that induces or encourages the above actions, or any action that may cause the above actions, or any other action that the Company deems inappropriate for valid reasons (including the actions interfering with the regular operation of the official account such as the continuous utilization for repeated posting of the same or similar content).

4. Intellectual property rights
The copyright of the content posted by the User belongs to the User. However, by posting to the official account, the User shall be deemed to grant the Company non-exclusive rights to use (including processing, duplicating, excerpting, publishing, translating, etc.) the content worldwide, free of royalty. The User also agrees not to exercise any copyright or moral rights, etc. against the Company regarding the posted content.

5. Regarding personal information of Users
If personal information is collected from Users, this information will be handled appropriately based on the Company’s “Privacy Policy”.

6. Revision of this Policy
The Company may revise this Policy without notice, so Users should check the Company web site regularly.

7. Governing law and court of jurisdiction
The governing law for this Policy is the laws of Japan. In the event of any dispute arising out of or relating to the official accounts and/or this Policy, the Tokyo District Court in Japan shall constitute the exclusive agreed jurisdictional court in the first instance.

Adopted: April 1, 2020

Contact information
For inquiries and comments regarding this Policy, please use the feedback link (Contact Us) on the Company website.