Safe and secure mobility society

Value for Society

・Realization of a zero-car accident society
・Will increase the transportation means for all the people including the elderly and those with disabilities

In order to realize "safety and security" of transportation means which is mandatory for our lives, cars are equipped with many electrical components such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), airbags, etc., which are linked by connectors which assume an important role. Along with IT introduction, the information handled by CID (Center Information Display) is increasing and the human-car connecting touch panel supports safe and comfortable driving. JAE aim at a society where all the people can move with safety and security.

Case of Use

Car Navigation

Safe Driving

Driving Assistance

Our Products

Capacitive Touch Panel
for Automotive

Compact Waterproof
Automotive In-line Connector

Self Rejecting AK2
Squib Connectors

Automotive Digital Camera

Connectors for In-Vehicle
Infortainment System