JAE Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

Based on our corporate philosophy, "Explore, Create, and Practice", Japan Aviation Electronics (JAE) Group will continue to expand efforts to maintain a fair profit, increase corporate value, and contribute to the creation of sustainable growth in society. At the same time, as a good corporate citizen, we will abide by relevant laws and rules, and fulfill social responsibilities toward customers, stockholders and investors, business partners and other related persons in the community at large.

1. Fair and Honest Corporate Activities
JAE Group will develop fair and honest corporate activities, observing laws and rules of the countries or regions where we conduct business based upon fair and open competition. We will also maintain sound and fair relationships with government agencies and political bodies.

2. Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction
JAE Group will offer high quality products and services useful for society by paying careful attention to safety. We will continue to be committed to the development of innovative and creative technologies, aggressively launching new products and exploring new business areas.

3. Disclosure of Corporate Information
JAE Group will continue to enhance the transparency of its corporate activities by conveying corporate information in a timely and cooperative manner.

4. Harmony with the Environment
JAE Group, as a member of society, will respect the natural environment, and through environmentally friendly activities, contribute to the achievement of a recycle-oriented society and promote environmental management.

5. Harmony with Society
JAE Group will respect customs and cultures of all regions and countries, and contribute to community development by recognizing international and regional diversity and differences. We, as a good corporate citizen, will also engage in activities that contribute to society.

6. Respect of Human Rights
JAE Group will respect human rights in every corporate activity and not condone discrimination or the employment of child labor or forced labor in the workplace.

7. Respect for Employees' Individuality and Personality
JAE Group will respect each employee's individuality and personality, and provide workplace environments that allow thorough development of individual capability and ensure safety and comfort.

8. Management of Intellectual Properties and Information
JAE Group will recognize the importance of and properly manage intellectual properties and information.