A healthy and comfortable society where the people in the world are connected with each other.

Value for Society

・Realization of a world where the people are able to make communication with everybody on the earth, whenever and wherever they like
・Evolution in medical and welfare services friendly with both care-providers and care-receivers

A communication network spreading worldwide supports "connected" society where the people may contact with each other even from a remote place. With the spread of the 5G (5th Generation Mobile Communication System), new experience is generated by the use of a high speed and low latency communication. JAE is contributing to the progress of a healthy and comfortable society, enabling free communication when and where the people please by providing high speed transmission for communication infrastructure and compact/high density connectors for wearable devices.

Case of Use


Wearable Devices

Base Transmission Station

Our Products

USB Type-C® Connectors
Note)USB Type-C® is a trademark of USB

Stacking Type Connectors
for Mobile Devices

Smart Textile Connector

Waterproof I/O Connector
Outdoor Use

Compact and High-Performance