JAE Cookie Policy

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files sent to users’ devices from a website for record-keeping purposes. Cookies identify devices (usually web browsers) but cannot identify users as individuals. Cookies can be sent by JAE Group websites ("first party cookies") or by third parties ("third party cookies").

Cookies serve various purposes: there are cookies that are necessary for the operation of the JAE Group website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website") (e.g., to establish sessions); cookies that enhance functionality; cookies that collect analytical data to improve the performance of the Website; cookies that track visitors on the Internet to enable JAE, our group companies, distributors, agents, representatives or our group's analytics, advertising and social media partners to conduct effective sales activities or deliver personalized advertisements; and cookies that enable us to share the JAE Group's content through social media.

Where legally required, visitors may choose to allow the JAE Group or third parties (the JAE Group's analytics, advertising and social media partners) to set cookies other than those strictly necessary for the Website to function, through cookie banners and settings provided on the Website.

Use of Google Analytics

The Website uses Google Analytics, an access analysis tool provided by Google LLC, in order to confirm customers’ access status. This tool utilizes cookies to collect, record, and analyze information such as customers’ access status, but these data items do not contain any information that can identify specific individuals. With this function, users can refuse the collection of such information by disabling cookies. This information is managed in accordance with Google Privacy Policy. Please refer to the Google Terms of Service, Google Analytics Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy, etc. which can be accessed from the links below.
Google Privacy Policy
How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services
Google Analytics Terms of Service

Use of Account Engagement (Formerly Pardot)

The Website uses Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), a marketing automation tool provided by Salesforce, Inc., in order to support the marketing and sales activities for products and services of the JAE Group.
By Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) cookies, we collect information regarding the number of visitors to the Website, the routes they take, the web pages they view, etc. (specifically, web browsers, IP addresses, displayed web pages, and clicked links). By linking the customer-related data collected via other means with the cookie information collected by Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) and analyzing the data, we conduct marketing and sales activities via emails and telephone calls that are tailored to the customers’ needs within the scope of the purpose of use. Information about unknown visitors is recorded anonymously. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Salesforce Inc. can be viewed below.
Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) Privacy Policy
Salesforce Inc. Terms of Service

Use of Chat Tools

The Website uses CHAT PLUS (for Japanese customers) provided by ChatPlus Co., Ltd., and QUALIFIED CONVERSATIONS (for US customers) provided by Qualified.com, Inc. to streamline customer support. These chat tools use cookies to accumulate browsing history, inquiry content, and usage device information, which is identified and managed on a cookie-by-cookie basis. Unless otherwise specified, no personal information is included. User information collected by these chat tools is managed in accordance with the privacy policies of the respective service providers. Please refer to the service terms of use and privacy policies of the service providers, which can be viewed below.
ChatPlus Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy
ChatPlus Co., Ltd. Terms of Use
Qualified.com Inc. Privacy Policy
Qualified.com Inc. Terms of Service

Check the Personal Information Protection Policy here
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