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Business Overview

With three major business lines, we remain committed to providing the global market with innovative and creative technology and products.


With our superior product development and support capabilities, we are able to provide superior equipment design and productivity demanded by our customers.

JAE's Core Technologies

  • Contact Reliability Technology / Connection Integrity Technology
  • High-speed Transmittal Design and Evaluation Technologies
  • Stamping, Molding and Surface Treatment Technologies
  • High-precision Assembly and Automation Technologies

Connector Sales Ratio

Board to Board Connectors

FPC Connectors

Circular Connectors

Rectangular Connectors

High-Current Connectors

LED Lighting Connectors

Card Connectors

Automotive Electronics Connectors

User Interface Solutions

We offer user interface solutions, creating next-generation operability technology.

JAE's Core Technologies

  • Converting Technology*
  • Tactile Feel Technology
  • Touch Interface Technology
  • Switch Contact Technology
  • High-precision Mechanical Design Technology
* A technology integrating various technical aspects of printing, bonding, coating and laminating to create new added values

User Interface Solutions Sales Ratio

Capacitive Touch Panel for Automotive
Glass Type

Capacitive Touch Panel for Automotive
Film Type

Capacitive Touch Panel for Automotive
Fully Transparent Type

Operation Panel

Panel Unit for Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Optical Touch Panel

Teaching Pendant


We provide new values in the IoT era with our motion sensor and control technology covering the fields from the underground to the space.

JAE's Core Technologies

  • Precision Motion Sensing Technology
  • High-reliability Motion Control Technology
  • Precision Mechatronics Technology
  • Ruggedized Technology for Harsh Environment

Aerospace Sales Ratio

Inertial Measurement Unit for Rockets

Inclinometer Package for Oil Drilling

Camera Stabilizer

Coils for Linear Motor


Ring Laser Gyro

Fiber Optic Gyro