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Using our extensive knowledge for spinning mass and fiber optic gyroscopes we have developed a fluxgate based magnetometer. Ring core type fluxgates minimize flux leakage from the core edge whilst being able to sense two axes from one fluxgate reducing both size and weight. Our own advanced manufacturing facility is also utilized to assemble processing electronics using latest MCM technology to ensure long term reliability in harsh environments.


JMP series

Bias (@ 25 °C): ±500 nT
Scale factor (@ 25 °C): 60 µV/nT
Dynamic range: ±0.1 mT (±1 Gauss)
Total field error: ±100 nT
Temperature range: to 200 °C
Operating voltage: ±(12 to 15) VDC
Power consumption: ±35 mA

JMP datasheet
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