Manufacturing Technology Innovation

The JAE Group promotes“manufacturing technology innovation”to be recognized as the number one partner for our customers.

Fully utilizing the integrated production system of in-house manufacturing and flexible operation of our global group, the sectors of design, production engineering and manufacturing are always making a concerted effort to improve the degree of customer satisfaction in terms of
which are the most essential points for a manufacturer.

Innovation of production capacity by in-house production, automation and labor saving efforts

JAE has established a robust in-house vertical integrated production system, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the wide use of JAE designed labor-saving, automated assembly machines at main factories in Japan such as JAE Hirosaki and JAE Yamagata.
Aiming at higher manufacturing speed and cost reduction, we spare no effort to innovate the fundamental technologies and processes ranging from automated assembly machines to every production step such as turning, stamping, molding, plating and final product assembly.


Stamping die, Molding die





We are striving for high quality and to be easy to work with for customers

We pursue high quality and ease to work with from the new product development phase utilizing material analysis, high-speed transmission evaluation and other fundamental performance tests, design verification, FMEA analysis and workmanship evaluation. In addition, we follow a diversified approach including production in a clean room, quality improvement activities, defect prevention in the manufacturing process … all these contribute to offering reliability to our customers.

Material Analysis

High Speed Evaluation

Element Analysis

Workmanship Evaluation

Enhancement of the evaluation and test system to ensure highly reliable products are provided to customers

We are strengthening and enhancing our evaluation and test system in order to fully respond to the ever higher demands for quality and reliability from our customers.
In addition to an anechoic chamber for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) evaluation, the Integrated Evaluation & Test Laboratory was completed in May 2016, where more than 100 units of testing equipment, including combined environmental reliability test systems and vibration test devices are installed. This laboratory conducts environmental testing with even greater precision and efficiency by applying thermal and humidity stress, and mechanical testing by applying vibration and shock, and thus enables us to supply customers with reliable products.

RF anechoic chamber

Integrated Evaluation & Test Laboratory

Evaluation equipment installed in the Integrated Evaluation & Test Laboratory