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Advantages of Floating Board to Board Connectors

Proposal of a Floating Board to Board Connector from JAE

Taking advantage of floating technology, we have designed the AX01 board to board connector series.
This product family achieves both high speed transmission and an innovative two point contact technology.

Conventional floating board to board connector :

If the two-point contact structure would have been used with a conventional connector solution, the contact insertion force would have been too high, causing plating abrasion and challenges with the contact reliability.

JAE's AX01 Series :

With AX01 board to board connector series, JAE was able to create a solution that meet customer demands of
Reliable Contacts and High Speed Transmission.

Floating Board to Board Connector Compatible with 2-point Contact and High-speed Transmission

Roll surface contact

Roll surface contact

The use of a rolled surface instead of a fractured surface for the terminal contact reduces wear and ensures long-term contact reliability.

Distance of 2-point contact

JAE's AX01 floating board to board connector has a unique terminal structure, where there are two contact points per terminal, and they are set apart from each other for greater reliability.

Due to the contact points/areas being separated, even if contaminates adhere to one contact point, the other contact point remains connected.

Is it true, that a failure due to poor contact point cannot be identified?

“A contact failure has occurred and even if one opens the unit and removes the board to board connector, it is still not possible to identify the defective part...”

Contamination on the contact points can move away when disassembling the unit, to where traces and root causes cannot be clearly identified. Leading to counter measures not being easily specified.

However, by using a board to board connector with a two point contact structure, removes the risk of failure caused by contaminance.

2-point contact structure for high-speed transmission

High-speed transmission

Increasing the number of contact points per terminal improves the contact reliability, but has a negative effect on the signal integrity, making it more difficult for use in high-speed data transmission applications. JAE's AX01 floating board to board connector has solved this challenge by adopting a stub-less two-point contact structure that does not hinder the flow of electric current.

It is a new floating board to board connector that has both two-point contacts and excellent high-speed transmission performance.

Other Features of AX01 Floating Board to Board Connector

Special cap protection

Special cap protection

A special cap protects the connector's mating area prior to usage and facilitates pick and place automatic assembly.

Easy mounting all SMT design board to board connector

The alighment pegs help easy assembly

The alignment pegs help easy assembly. The hold downs are the same SMT design as the signal terminals that require reflow process only.

AX01 Floating Board to Board Connector Variation

The AX01 floating board to board connector is available in a variety of product types, ranging from 30 to 140 positions. The family allows for PCB stacking heights between 8 mm and 30 mm.

The items marked in the table below are available, those without the mark are under development.

Variations List and Floating amount list image of AX01 Series

In addition to variations of parallel connection between PCBs, we also have two types of vertical type board to board connector.

Variations image of AX01 Series
AX01 Brochure



Download our comprehensive brochure to learn more about AX01 series high speed floating board-to-board connector.

3D Model


Our 30mm stacking height is available for 3D download in both STEP or IGES format.

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