Efficient and safe production activities

Value for Society

・Release from simple and physically severe labor
・Release from dangerous labor in harsh environments
・Promotion of sustainable industrialization

At production sites, robots and automatic machines are rapidly introduced to improve productivity and quality, and to save labor. At JAE’s production sites, the following three elements—connectors that connect equipment in a safe and secure way in the nvironment exposed to vibrations and shocks, interface products that improve the operability, and linear motors that control the equipment at high speed and accurately—are introduced to support ecient and safe production activities.
In addition, our sensor technology is contributing to the agriculture and construction industries where new technologies such as remote control and autonomous driving are introduced.

Case of Use

Industrial Robots

Semiconductor Production Equipment

Smart Agriculture

Our Products

One-Touch/ Screw Mating
Compatible Circular
Waterproof Connectors

Waterproof Rectangular
Connectors for
Industrial Equipment

Floating Connectors

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