Basic policy for procurement

The JAE Group has established the basic policy for procurement as follows in order to conduct procuring activities.

1. Transparent, just and fair dealings

The Group will have dealings with suppliers parties and relevant parties on an equal, just and fair ground without using its superior status, by way of providing an opportunity for fair competition to all companies who wish to have dealings with the Group by sending out information on the procurement in a timely manner.
2. Selection of suppliers based on just and fair evaluation
With respect to the selection of the suppliers, the Group will make selection and revision by evaluating, at any time,the"management status," "Observance of law" and "consideration to the human rights and the safety and health," and also the management status of the "quality," "price," "delivery schedule" and "environment" of the suppliers.
3. Promotion of "Green procurement"
Based on the "Green procurement" guidelines of the JAE Group, the Group will verify the environmental management system and control status at the suppliers and relevant parties, and conduct its procuring activities in order to minimize an environmental load throughout the entire supply chain.
4. Establishment of optimal partnership through mutual understanding and trust with the suppliers.
The Group will recognize the importance of the communication with the suppliers and relevant parties, and shall strive to establish a relationship to contribute for mutual development based on a good partnership.
5. Compliance with domestic and international laws and ordinances as well as all prescriptive social norms, and the blocking-off of relations with antisocial forces
The Group will conform to related laws and ordinances and all prescriptive social norms regardless of countries and regions, and shall block off relations with the antisocial forces in order for the sound procuring activities.
6. Consideration to the human rights as well as to the safety and health
The Group will always give consideration to the human rights and the safety and health in conducting its procuring activities, and shall strive to conduct procuring activities in a sound, safe and hygienic work environment.
7. Proper management and protection of information
The Group will understand the value of information that we learn in the course of its procuring activities, and shall manage and protect it with its proper management systems.