Society with environmentally friendly energy

Value for Society

・Promotion of natural energy use
・Realization/spreading of environmentally friendly transportation

In the field of electric vehicles, which are becoming increasingly popular as an environmentally-friendly means of mobility, our high-current high-voltage connectors are used to connect batteries, motors, and invertors, and in charging plugs. JAE connectors (electrical couplers) and sensors play a crucial role in railroads, which are attracting attention as a transportation means with low environmental impact.
In addition, JAE’s high-current high-voltage technology is utilized in solar power generation, which is increasingly being introduced as a natural energy source, and in energy storage systems and HEMS (Home Energy Management Systems) that enable efficient use of electricity.

Case of Use


Clean Energy

Our Products

Connectors for
EV and PHEV Battery Systems

High-Current 2 pos. Connector

Train Car Couplbrer
(Joint with diameter 25cm)

High-Brightness Liquid
Crystal Color Display

EV Charging Connector
for V2H/V2G