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Since our establishment in 1953, we at JAE, under the corporate philosophy of "Explore, Create and Practice", have successfully developed and globally expanded our three core business areas of connectors, user interface related devices, and aviation electronics supported by our outstanding development capability in innovative and creative technologies.

With our global corporate slogan

Technology to Inspire Innovation

JAE focuses on technological development and product creation that inspire customer's innovation. For many years, as a basic management policy, JAE has promoted global business expansion based on the consolidated management of the JAE Group including all its subsidiaries; enhancement of global marketing and product development capabilities; and innovation of product quality and manufacturing technology, in order to gain a high level of trust as partners with our worldwide customers.

All staff of the JAE Group, as good corporate citizens, will strive together to contribute to the prosperity of 21st century society.

Technology to Inspire Innovation

Tsutomu Onohara President


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