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Harmony with Society

The JAE Group is expanding its regionally-based exchange programs and charitable activities at domestic and overseas group companies as a good corporate citizen under the JAE Group Charter of Corporate Behavior.

*The activities described on this page were carried out in FY2021.

Environmental Protection

“JAE Group Forest” Conservation Activities (JAE)

To restore and preserve forests, we established the “JAE Group Forest” in FY2004 as a symbol of our environmental management. In FY2021, employees representing our company participated in forest conservation activities including branching and logging operations, etc. under the guidance of the Tokyo Metropolitan Forestry Association and the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Promotion.
Please refer to the Environmental Report 2022 for details of the JAE Group Forest.

JAE Group Forest

Water Quality Survey for the Izumida River (JAE Yamagata)

JAE Yamagata conducted water quality surveys and aquatic biota sampling of the Izumida River flowing in Shinjo City. These activities also contribute to evaluation of local rivers that are not conducted by government agencies.

Water quality survey

Cleanup Activities in the Baxian Mountains National Forest Reserve (JAE Taiwan)

A total of 105 employees and their family members participated in the cleanup activities at the Baxianshan National Forest Reserve, which still has vast virgin forests.

Cleanup activities in the Baxian Mountains National Forest Reserve

Health and Welfare

Participation in “Project Angel Tree” (JAE Philippines)

JAE Philippines participated in “Project Angel Tree” as part of the DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment) Child Labor Prevention and Elimination Program for 14 years in a row, and donated school supplies, etc. “Project Angel Tree” promotes activities of child labor prevention, food support, clothing support, education, and assistance for academic supplies.

Participation in Project Angel Tree

Visiting a Welfare Institution (JAE Wuxi)

JAE Wuxi visits a nearby welfare facility every year. In the past, they played games and danced with the children residing in the facility, and in FY2021, they donated fruit and quarantine supplies.

Visiting a welfare institution

Activities for the Local Community and Fostering Next Generation

Participated in the "Junior High School Shigoto Mirai Fair" (JAE Shinshu)

JAE Shinshu participated in the "Junior High School Shigoto Mirai Fair" held at the Matsukawa Town Central Community Center. About 23 companies in Matsukawa Town set up booths, and junior high school students toured the booths. They introduced our company and provided an opportunity for the students to talk and think about work.

Participated in the Junior High School Shigoto Mirai Fair

Conducted work experience workshops for junior high students (JAE Yamagata)

JAE Yamagata participated in work experience sessions held at five junior high schools in Shinjo City. In the photo at right, students are looking at a connector as small as a grain of rice with a magnifying glass. Through this kind of experience, students are given the opportunity to touch JAE's products and the appeal of manufacturing is conveyed to them.

Work experience workshops