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Product Promotion

JK06 Series Circular MIL and VG Standard Railway Connectors

  • 2021/05/24

MX72 Series Self-Rejecting Squib Connectors for SRS Applications

  • 2021/03/18

JAE’s capabilities in automatic machine high-speed connector production for small devices.

  • 2020/07/30

Product Releases

New MX72C / D Series Self-Rejecting Squib Connectors for the Automotive SRS (No Shorting Bar) Has Been Launched

  • 2021/01/20

The introduction video of the the launch of the MX72C / D Series, a squib connector for automotive SRS devices that conforms to the interface standard with omitted shorting bar (shunt-less), and is becoming popular in Europe and the United States.

JAE Announces Launch of USB4™ 40Gbps Certified Connector DX07 Series

  • 2020/12/18

Variation Expansion of JL10 Series, One-touch Locking Waterproof Circular Connector for Industrial Equipment

  • 2020/11/20

The introduction video of the new variation of the JL10 Series original contact arrangement type, one-touch mating waterproof circular connectors.