Policy for Environment

JAE Group Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

The JAE Group will, as a good corporate citizen, contribute to the attainment of a prosperous, sustainable, recycling-based society by fulfilling its corporate social responsibility through environmentally friendly business activities and respect for the natural environment and biological diversity.

Basic Guideline

The JAE Group recognizes the significance of the 21st century as “the environmental century” and is fully aware of the environmental impact caused by procurement, development, manufacturing, sales, and logistics activities relating to electronic devices, including connectors—its main product—as well as user interface-related products, electronic devices for avionics and aerospace, optical products, and panel units. Accordingly, the group will practice environmental management according to the following policies in order to help build a sustainable society:

  1. Establish environmental targets, and execute plans for improvement. Furthermore, prevent pollution and continually improve environmental management activities through the periodic revision of these goals and targets, and applying a framework to them.
  2. Fulfill all compliance obligations of the JAE Group, establish voluntary standards as needed, and strive to improve efforts to preserve the environment.
  3. Establish an environmental management organization and management structure headed by the Executive Officer in Charge of Environmental Management. This organization shall be responsible for ensuring that corporate regulations for environmental management are kept up to date at all times.
  4. Promote green procurement, striving to reduce the environmental impact of greenhouse gases, waste, and other elements at the product-design stage and to reduce the use of natural resources and toxic substances.
  5. Conduct periodic internal environmental audits and strive to improve environmental management systems to boost environmental performance.
  6. Disclose JAE technologies for improving the environment and environmental-management data as necessary.

Revised April 2, 2018
Noritaka Hiyama
Associate Senior Vice President
Executive Officer in Charge of Environmental Management
JAE Group