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CHAdeMO-compliant Electrical Vehicle Charging and Discharging Connector KW03 Series Has Been Developed

CHAdeMO-compliant Electrical Vehicle Charging and Discharging Connector KW03 Series by JAE electronics

JAE has developed the "KW03 Series" CHAdeMO compliant electrical vehicle charging and discharging connector.

As part of the increase in environmental awareness electric vehicles (EV) on the road are becoming widespread. With the increase of EV, oftentimes people are having to wait to start charging their vehicles in popular charging locations, such as commercial establishments and tourist destinations. There has been a noticeable increase in demand for medium-speed chargers, which are relatively low cost and easier to implement, as well as offering faster charging solution than a standard charging infrastructure.

Moreover, utilization of unstable renewable energy is growing, and as a structure to stabilize the electrical distribution system a VPP (Virtual Power Plant), scheme to connect the EV to the V2G (Vehicle to Grid) system, as a storage battery is being studied.

To cater to these market trends, JAE has developed the KW03 Series cable connector compatible with medium-speed chargers and the V2G system. This product is intended for use by general users and is designed with easy operation and safety in mind. The grip has been ergonomically designed for ease of handling and it achieves intuitive single-action operation. Highly weather and flammability resistant resins are used for the outer shell making for a highly reliable and environmentally resistant, allowing for a lighter and stronger connector. Furthermore, in accordance with the widespread use of CHAdeMO specifications, this product has acquired world-wide safety standard CE certification and UL recognition (a UL recognized product).

With the release of the KW03 Series, we will meet the diverse customer needs by adding to the existing KW1 Series and KW02 Series EV-charger connectors.

This product will be showcased at the CEATEC JAPAN 2018 EXPO held in Makuhari Messe starting October 16th.

- CHAdeMO is a brand name of the fast charger protocol proposed as a standard specification by the CHAdeMO Association.

- VPP (Virtual Power Plant): Controlling and managing distributed renewable electrical generation plants and energy resources to make them function like a single power plant.

- V2G (Vehicle to Grid): Connecting and linking electric vehicles to electric power grid systems to stabilize community-wide energy flow.

KW Series Line-up

Note 1) V2H Guideline: A standard specified by the CHAdeMO Association and EVPOSSA
(Electric Vehicle Power Supply System Association)

Note 2) V2H(Vehicle to Home): A system utilizing the large-capacity of electric vehicles as
renewable energy storage batteries to supply energy demand into homes and office buildings.

Applications and Locations


  • Compliant with the Electric Vehicle Charging and Discharging System Guidelines (EVPS-002) Ver.2.1
  • Compliant with CHAdeMO Ver1.2
  • World-wide authentication: UL Recognized and CE compliant product
    Convenient single action insertion and removal procedure for ease of operation
  • Ergonomically conscience grip design for easy operation by general user
  • Use of highly reliable materials which are tough against various environmental conditions
    High-durable while remaining lightweight
  • Internally active components, such as switches are all waterproof and dustproof

Applicable Markets

Electric Vehicle Charging and Discharging System (V2H Guidelines Ver.2.1compliant)

Electric Vehicle Medium-speed Charger (CHAdeMO Ver1.2 compliant)

General Specifications

Number of Contact Power supply (Charging) 2 positon, 12V power 2 position, signal 6 position
Rated Current Power supply (Charging) 80A, 12V power 6.4A, signal 2A
Rated Voltage DC500V
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ min.
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage AC 3,000V for 1 minute
Durability 10,000 times
Insertion Force 100N max.
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +50 °C

KW03 Series (For more details) >

KW03 Series image


Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.