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MX60A Series High Pin Count Waterproof Automotive Connector Has Been Developed

The MX60A Series is High Pin Count Waterproof Automotive Connector by JAE electronics

JAE has developed the MX60A Series high pin count waterproof automotive connectors which are ideal for engine compartment applications.

Recently, in the automotive market, to comply with fuel efficiency and exhaust gas emission regulations, not only fuel injection but also various types of ignition devices and engine variable devices need to be controlled, and there are demands for more precise computerized control. Along with the evolution of these electronic control technologies, the number of control signals are increasing, and thus high pin count multipole connectors are required.

To cater to these trending requirements, JAE has developed the MX60A Series waterproof multipole automotive connector with up to 177 positions.

This product meets the optimum number of positions from 94 positions to 177 positions depending on the customer's application, by changing the combination of the parts. Furthermore, the cable exit can be set in four directions by changing the harness cover, which contributes to design freedom for different types of vehicle models with different layouts.

In accordance with the increase in the number of electrical components in the engine compartment, a downsized version of our existing terminals with proven results are adopted for the socket terminals, and are compatible with the demand for smaller and low-profile connectors.

The pin terminal has a width of 1 mm and a thickness of 0.5 mm, to maintain strength while suppressing height. In addition, the pin terminal has a lever structure and a harness cover that makes it easy to assemble.


Note) Please contact us for the available pin counts.


  • IP69K equivalent (Actual results may vary depending on test condition.)
  • Waterproof high pin count lever type with maximum 177 positions consisted by 2 blocks, 68 positions + 109 positions
  • Lever structure is included to reduce the force required to mate and unmate the connectors.
    Socket terminal retention strength is 100N or more.
  • Both signal and power supply socket terminals are available to support a wide range of cable sizes.
  • Allows for easy harness assembly with a structure that attaches the cover after the harness assembly.
  • Pin terminal maintains enough durability while maintaining low height, with 1mm width, and 0.5mm thickness.

Applicable Market

High pin count waterproof applications in engine compartments such as automotive engine ECUs and PCUs

General Specifications

Number of Contacts 177 positions (2 blocks)
Operating Temperature Range -40°C ~ + 120°C
Waterproof Performance IP69K equivalent (Depending on test condition)
Applicable Wire Signals: AVSS0.3 sq to 0.5 sq
  Power supply: AVSS0.5 sq to 1.25 sq

Materials and Finishes

Angle Pin Header

Component Material / Finish
Pin Housing 30% GF PBT
Terminal Brass / Sn plating
Locator 30% GF PBT

Socket Housing

Component Material / Finish
Socket Housing 30% / GF PBT
Mating Lever 30% / GF PBT
Sealing Ring Silicone rubber
Grommet Silicone rubber
Rear Cover 30% / GF PBT
Front Retainer 30% / GF PBT
Harness Cover 30% / GF PBT

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.