JAE Announces Launch of the WP66DK Series Their Smallest Board-to-board (FPC) Connector Yet

July 28, 2020

WP66DK Series Their Smallest Board-to-board (FPC) Connector

JAE has launched the WP66DK Series stacking type board-to-board (FPC) connectors that are ideal for use in wearable devices. It is an ultra-compact connector with power supply terminals, a 0.35mm terminal pitch, 1.6 mm width, and 0.6mm mated height.

Recently, compact wearable devices such as smartwatches and AR smart glasses are becoming popular for both consumer and commercial applications. These devices must be compact with high functionality, which requires the parts inside to be very high density. These devices use boards that are smaller than those found in smartphones, further reducing available mounting area, so smaller connectors are required.

The WP66DK Series is a great addition to the existing lineup of 0.35mm pitch board-to-board (FPC) connectors, the WP27D and WP26DK Series. While the existing lineup is ideal for use in smartphones, the new WP66DK Series applies further size reduction of 0.3mm in both length and width to make it ideal for smaller wearable devices. This equates to a decrease in footprint of over 20 percent, depending on the pin count, compared to the existing compact products. In addition to miniaturization of the connectors, implementing a robust structure to prevent damage during mating is critical.

This product adds power capability by using the hold-downs, placed at both ends, as power supply terminals that can handle up to 3A. Furthermore, the hold down structure enhances the soldering surface area and provides protective metal fittings on the mating and the internal surfaces of the insulator. This additional protection is essential for providing ultimate reliability if the connectors are misaligned during the mating process.

In addition to the achievement of miniaturization and robustness, this Series offers the variations of low pin count products of 10 positions or less and contributes to the design flexibility for engineers, and realizes good workability with a metal fitting guide structure and clear click feeling to acknowledge complete mating.

  *Hold-down: Metal fittings to help hold connector to board
  *FPC: Flexible Printed Circuits

WP66DK Drawing of Smartwatch

Product Line-up






Product Model





Number of Contacts

6, 8, 30

10, 16, 24, 30,
34, 40, 48

10, 24, 30, 34, 38,
40, 44, 50, 60

Signal: 2, 4
Power supply: 4

Width (W)





(30 positions) (L)





Mated Height (H)





Current Rating

For signal: 0.3A
For power supply: 3.0A

For signal: 0.3A
For power supply: 3.0A

For signal: 0.3A
For power supply: 3.0A

For signal: 0.4A
For power supply: 10.0A


  • 1.6m width, 2 rows, 0.6mm mated height.
  • 2 power supply terminals supporting 3A each (Also serving as a hold-down)
  • Hold-down structure adds protection to the top mating surface to prevent damage to the insulator (Armored)
  • Metal fitting to prevent damage to the internal insulator surfaces during mating
  • Improved workability for assembler with a clear click feeling when fully mated
  • Highly reliable 2-point contact structure
  • Nickel barrier on contact prevents solder wicking

Applicable Market

Smartwatches, smartphones, wearable devices, tablet PCs, notebook PCs, digital cameras,
VR/AR headsets and other small portable devices

General Specification

Pitch 0.35mm
Number of Contacts 6, 8, 30 positions (+2 power)
Mated Height 0.6mm
Operating Temperature Range -40°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance Signal Terminal: 70mΩ max. (initial)
Power Supply Terminal: 20mΩ max. (initial)
Durability 30 mating cycles
Rated Current Signal Terminal: AC, DC 0.3A per pos.
Power Supply Terminal: AC, DC 3.0A per pos.
Rated Voltage AC, DC 50 V
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ min. (initial)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage AC 250 Vr.m.s.

Materials and Finishes

Components Materials / Finishes
(Plug / Receptacle)
Copper alloy / Au plating
Insulator Heat-resistant plastic
(Plug / Receptacle)
Copper alloy / Au plating

WP66DK Series (0.35mm pitch Smallest Stacking Type Connector)(For more details) >

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