Groundbreaking of the New Building in 2nd Plant of JAE Philippines

 Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited (“JAE”) announced the start of construction of the new building, “Building B”, in the 2nd Plant of JAE Philippines (Cavite, Philippines, President: Satoshi Watanabe). The new facility will increase the production capacity of JAE Philippines in order to enhance the manufacturing capability for further growing business as well as to cope with the increasing demand of connectors for automotive applications.

Since the start of operation in 1997, JAE Philippines have been steadily growing its business by focusing in the production of connectors and harnesses for automotive market, and celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. In 2000, JAE Philippines doubled the building in the first plant and constructed the 2nd plant in 2013 to increase the production capacity. In addition to the recent demand expansion of connectors and harnesses for automotive use, production increase of ITC harnesses such as DX07 series Type-C connectors has led JAE to the decision to construct new building to eliminate the tight space restriction in JAE Philippines.

The newly constructed building facility “B Building” covers a total floor area of 18,000 square meters, which will increase the total floor area of JAE Philippines for more than 1.5 fold, from 31,000 to 49,000 square meters. JAE plans to continue to strengthen the production capability of JAE Philippines as one of the main production bases for manufacturing of connectors and harnesses. Completion of construction of B building in 2nd plant is scheduled in November 2018.

Rendering of “B Building”

The entire 2nd Plant. Left front shows the“B Building”


  • B Building of 2nd Plant, JAE Philippines

    Building Structure One-story steel-framed structure
    Total floor area 18,100㎡
    Construction period From March 2018 to November 2018 (plan)
  • JAE Philippines, Inc.

    Representative Satoshi Watanabe
    Location Cavite, Philippines
    Establishment June, 1996 (Start of operation 1997)
    Area Land area 126,000㎡, Total floor area 31,000㎡

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