New MX34Q Through-hole Reflow Type Expands the MX34 Series of Compact High-density Automotive Connectors

MX34Q Through-hole Reflow Type Expands the MX34 Series of Compact High-density Automotive Connectors

Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. announces the addition of a new ECU connector to the MX34 Series family of high-density automotive pin connectors.
JAE is a supplier of through-hole type and SMT type .64mm cross sectional pin headers contained within the MX34 Series of automotive connectors, which are currently available for general sale.

As the performance of automobiles increases, the number of on-board devices such as ECU’s used to extend control within the vehicle also increases. This means that the number of connectors and wiring harnesses needed to establish in-vehicle connection points from one device to the next also increases.

In an effort to provide an industry solution to the foreseeable increase of connector implementation, we have added a new through-hole reflow type (MX34Q) connector to the existing MX34 Series. The MX34 Series is composed of through-hole and reflow-compatible SMT type connectors for compact and high-density automotive electrical system applications. MX34 vertical pin headers are available for sale as well.

The MX34Q clears challenges presented during the mounting process and adds to the overall degree of freedom when considered in system designs. This makes the MX34 series more flexible when acting as an interface for various in-vehicle devices such as body-chassis ECU’s, switches, and sensors. These efforts combined with JAE’s level of support provide the end user with an un-paralleled level of convenience.

(025): Terminal width 0.025 inches
Through-hole reflow: A reflow mounting method of through-hole type terminal as same as SMT
SMT: Surface Mount Technology
ECU: Electronic Control Unit


  • Follows USCAR2-Standard
  • Compatible with reflow mounting
  • Secure mating by mechanical lock with socket connector
  • Key variation is available to avoid incorrect mating
  • ISO/JASO standard-tab size 0.64mm is used for pin terminals
  • Socket terminal is a box structure type durable to external strength

USCAR: United States Council for Automotive Research

MX34 Series Pin Header Variation

Reflow mounting

[New Development]
Through-hole reflow

MX34Q Through-hole reflow



Flow mounting


MX34 Through-hole

Applicable Market

Body-Chassis ECU’s, switches, etc.

General Specifications

No. of Contacts 32 positions
Operating Temperature
Maximum Operating Temperature
(Maximum operating temperature of continuous operation on insulator)
-40 Deg. C ~ +85 Deg. C
130 Deg. C
(Ambient temperature + temperature rise due to conduction)
Rated Current 3A

Note) MX34Q follows USCAR-2 standards. Please contact us for details.

Materials / Finishes

Component Materials / Finishes
Housing PPS-GF40
Terminal Copper alloy / Sn plating
Leg Terminal Brass / Sn plating

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