New Release: KW07C Series CHAdeMO Standard EV Charging Connector with Improved Handling at 200A Rated Current

February 1, 2024

JAE has developed and released the KW07C Series, EV charging connector with a rated current of 200A. It is CHAdeMO Standard-compliant (*1) and UL recognized (*2).


The installation of EV (electric vehicle) fast charging infrastructure is being facilitated all over the world, with an ever-increasing demand for high current EV charging connectors. However, there remains the issue that charging connectors with higher charging capacity require larger and heavier cables, making them difficult to handle.
With that background, JAE developed and launched the KW07C Series EV charging connector, which comes with superior ease of handling while accommodating a capacity for 200 A of current, which is in demand among quick charging equipment within Japan. During development, a strong focus was placed on minimizing size and weight of the connector as well as the flexibility of the cable, resulting in the realization of a product with ease of handling roughly equivalent to that of a 125 A rated current EV charging connector.
In terms of safety, the series is successfully passed stringent waterproofing evaluation required to receive UL recognition, which is a widely trusted product safety standard, particularly in North America. In addition, the new series adopted proven technology from existing KW Series products, such as the Release Button Electromagnetic Locking Device (*3) and an Emergency Unmating Mechanism (*4), providing product specifications that allow reliability in use.

JAE markets EV charging connectors that combine durability and high-quality performance under the Powerlance™ brand, which aims for safety and ease-of-use, as well as high environmental durability.
JAE will continue to meet a wide variety of customer needs by expanding the lineup of products in the KW Series EV charging connectors.

KW07C Series CHAdeMO Standard EV Charging Connector


  • CHAdeMO standard Compliant
  • UL Recognized
  • Highly reliable design using materials with high environmental durability
  • Lightweight composition with a compact and durable design
  • Compatible with high output (90 kW grade) charging systems

Applicable Devices and Markets

EV Fast charger (CHAdeMO protocol)

General Specifications

Item KW07C  UL-recognized Product
Number of Contacts Power: 2 contacts, Signal: 7 contacts
Rated Current Power: 200 A (*5), Signal: 2 A
Rated Voltage Power: DC 750 V, Signal: DC 16 V max.
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ min.
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 3,000 VAC for one minute
Durability 10,000 cycles
Insertion Force 100N max.
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +40°C

*We plan to release products within the KW07C Series with higher current compatibility of in the future.
(Changes to the product weight and cable specifications are possible)

*1: CHAdeMO is the brand name of a fast charger protocol proposed as a standard specification by the CHAdeMO Association.
*2: Certification conducted by UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.), an independent safety science company based in the USA. The safety standard applicable to EV charging connectors is UL2251.
*3: A locking mechanism that prevents the connector from unintentionally releasing in case the release button is accidentally depressed during charging.
*4: A mechanism that provides the connector with an emergency release from a car in the event of unexpected circumstances which might prevent the connector from being removed.
*5: Please contact us with any requirements above and beyond the rated current in relation to operating temperature ranges.

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Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.