New Robust Waterproof USB Type-C™ Receptacle Added to the DX07 Series

New Robust Waterproof USB Type-C™ Receptacle Added to the DX07 Series

JAE is excited to announce the addition of a new waterproof USB Type-C receptacle to the expansive DX07 Series line-up. The new receptacles are compact and provide a solution to the ever growing trend of waterproofing portable devices.

From a global standpoint, there is no denying the implementation of USB Type-C connectors continues to rise within established markets such as personal computers, mobile devices, audiovisual equipment, and portable gaming device accessories.

For high-end smartphones and other premium devices, waterproofing and a compact form factor are critical expectations from consumers. In a bid to serve these requirements, JAE unveils compact DX07 series waterproof receptacles that are USB Type-C compatible with increased level of robustness.

The new DX07 series waterproof connector offers a 20% profile reduction compared to conventional waterproof connectors through the use of LIM (Liquid Injection Molding) gaskets. This process injects silicone rubber directly onto the metal shell and reduces the number of components assembled in the connector. In addition, the use of an extruded compound shell eliminates fragile seams and offers increased durability.

As a manufacturer who takes part in the development and standardization of the USB Type-C global specification, JAE continuously works to offer expanded product variations of receptacles, plugs, and cable harnesses within the DX07 Series.

Note 1) USB Type-C is a trademark of USB Implementers Forum, Inc.
Note 2) Gasket: A sealing material used to provide waterproofing


  • USB Type-C compatible waterproof receptacle
  • Waterproof performance rating of IPX7 (1.0m for 30 minutes)
  • Supports up to 5A as power supply. (Compatible with USB Power Delivery 3.0)
  • Enhanced board retention strength with 4 through-hole legs
  • Height reduction through the use of LIM
  • Extruded compound shell eliminates fragile seams

Applicable Market

Smartphones, tablets, waterproof speakers, Bluetooth earphones / headphones, action cameras, VR / ARs, etc.

General Specifications

Form Waterproof DX07 Receptacle Connector
Part Number DX07WH24JA3
Rated Current 5 A max.
Waterproof Performance IPX7 (resistant to submersion at a depth of 1.0m for 30 minutes)
Number of Contacts 24 position
Rated Voltage AC20V r.m.s.
Contact Resistance Initial 40mΩ max.
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage AC 100V r.m.s (1 minute)
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ min.
Operating Temperature Range -30℃~+80℃
Mating Cycles 10,000 times

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Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.