MX67A Series High Pin Count Automotive Connectors for Airbag ECU's Has Been Developed

MX67A Series

JAE has developed the MX67A Series, high pin count and miniaturized connector for automotive airbag ECUs.

In order to improve automotive safety, there has been importance placed on the introduction of safety features to protect not only the passengers and pedestrians, but also the complete running vehicles. To comply with this trend, airbags are being installed in various areas of vehicles such as on the side, the rear seats, and more.
Moreover, safety control systems are shifting from collision safety to preventative safety. The addition of preventative safety system increases the number of contacts required for SRS-ECU connectors in order to process large amounts of data from the additional on-board sensors.

At the same time, in addition to new safety features, various other control systems are being installed to improve driving performance and comfort, increasing the number of total installed systems. As a result, each new system must be high-density, compact, and lightweight. Due to this requirement, SRS-ECUs also have limited installation space, so it is necessary for the connector to be compact while having compatibility with large number of pin.

The MX67A Series achieves a high pin count of 100 positions in two blocks, while being compact in size. In addition, a lever has been equipped to reduce the insertion/extraction force to 66.6N or less. Furthermore, we have adopted a press-fit type contact design that does not require soldering. This press-fit type is expected to become the mainstream board mounting method for airbag connectors. Each connector block is equipped with a mating detection pin that allows for electrical confirmation the connectors are properly mated. Short-circuit terminals are also installed to prevent erroneous airbag deployment caused by static electricity.

SRS (Supplemental Restraint System): Auxiliary restraint device


  • High pin count lever type, 100 positions, 2 blocks (43 positions + 57 positions)
  • Complete mating detection pin are mounted on each block.
  • Lever structure (operating force of 66.6N or less) for improved mating operability.
    Press-fit type terminals do not require soldering. The connector is fixed to the unit case flange area using press-fit method.
  • Applicable wire sizes are AVSS0. 3sq to 0.5sq.
  • Terminal plating options available for tin or gold.

Applicable Market

Vehicle-mounted SRS-ECUs

General Specifications

Number of Contacts : 100 positions (2block) + 4 positions for mating detection

Operating Temperature Range : -40°C~+120 °C (Including temperature rise due to operation)

Rated Current : 3A

Lever Operation Insertion Force (max.) : 66.6N max.

Applicable Wire : Both Sn and Au plating: AVSS0.3sq~0.5sq

Materials and Finishes

Angle Pin Header

Components Materials / Finishes
Pin Housing 30%GF PBT
Terminal Phosphor bronze / Sn plating, Au plating
Mating Detection Terminal Phosphor bronze / Sn plating

Socket Housing

Components Materials / Finishes
Socket Housing PPE + PA66
Mating Lever POM - GF25
Retainer PBT - GF30
Short-circuit Terminal Phosphor bronze / Au plating
Mating Detection Terminal Copper alloy / Sn plating

Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.