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JN2V Series Small Circular Connector Enhanced Vibration Resistance for Industrial Equipment

JN2V Series Small Circular Connector by JAE electronics

JAE has developed the JN2V Series small circular, one-touch locking waterproof connector ideal for servomotors and other various industrial equipment requiring environmental resistance.

There is an increased trend of factories becoming automated. This has led to the implementation of industrial equipment, such as machine tools and robots. The enhanced motion complexity of these equipment has increased the demand for the necessity of servo motors.

Simultaneously, the operating speed of these equipment have increased to improve production efficiency. The increased operating speed has caused equipment and servo motors to be exposed to large amounts of shock and vibration. Under these circumstances the importance of connectors requiring superior measures against electrical discontinuity has become apparent.

To cater to the trending requirements, JAE has developed a plug connector to enhance resistance against shock and vibration, which will provide stable contact performance even when applied loads exceeding what our conventional products can withstand.

The JN2V Series comes in same form factor and dimensions as our conventional JN2 Series allowing for mate compatibility between the two series. Yet the improved contact structure enhances shock and vibration withstanding.

The JN2 Series contacts have a two-point contact structure, whereas that of the JN2V Series are offered with a five-point contact structure. It is this added contact points that ensures the contact stability even when applied larger loads of shock and vibration. Being able to withstand 245m/s2 (25G) the JN2V Series offers 2.5-times higher shock and vibration withstanding than our conventional JN2 Series plugs.

This small waterproof I/O connector will be optimal for servo motors, for robots, automation machines and machine tools, as well as various other industrial equipment that require wide range of environmental resistance.


  • Improved vibration resistance by having a 5-point contact structure socket contact.
  • Compliant with 245 m /s2 (25G) vibration condition.  Standard JN2 Series: 98m/s2 (10G) (for reference)
  • Designed to mate with standard JN1/JN2 receptacle connectors
  • Utilizes same semi-automatic crimping tool (applicator) as JN1/JN2 contacts  (Requires manual crimping tool exclusive to JN2V)
  • One-touch, push-and-twist, lock mechanism
  • IP67 conforming dust and waterproof
  • The right angle plug can be set in four different 90° increment cable orientations

Applicable Markets

Various industrial equipment, such as robots, automatic machines, and machine tools, which require vibration resistance and to be waterproof.

General Specifications

Item Specifications and Performance
Number of Contacts 10 position
Rated Current 3A / position (#22 size contact)
Rated Voltage 200VAC
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 900VAC (1 minute)
Insulation Resistance 1000M Ω or more (500VDC applied)
Vibration Resistance 245 m /s2 peaks, 10 to 500 Hz, 3 hours for each 3 axes (total 9 hours)
Durability 500 cycles
Water Resistant Performance IP67 (in mated condition)
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to + 100°C
Wiring Specifications Crimp connection: 20 to 28AWG

Materials and Finishes

Component Material / Finish
Socket Contact Copper Alloy / Contact area: Au plating over Ni, Terminal area: Sn Plating
Insulator Synthetic resin
Gland Nut Synthetic resin
Endbell (for straight plug) Synthetic resin
Endbell (for angle plug) Synthetic resin
Assembly Nut (for straight plug) Synthetic resin
Assembly Nut (for angle plug) Zinc alloy / zinc plating
Coupling Nut Zinc alloy / zinc plating
O-ring Synthetic rubber
Bushing Synthetic rubber
Spring Stainless steel

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JN1V/JN2V Series image


Information and details given here are as of the date of publication. Please note that the details may be changed.