ICT Connectors Compatible with Automotive Applications

As automobiles become more sophisticated, the connection of various devices has become essential. The increasing number of additional features and functions requires new devices and modules to be smaller to fit inside of vehicles, increasing the demand for connectors which were previously only used in smartphones and other consumer devices. Compact yet reliable connectors enable devices to work together and achieve higher performance, and they also play an important role in the automotive industry, where multifunctional devices are becoming more common.

JAE has conducted evaluation tests to ensure these compact connectors can be used reliably in automotive applications where the connectors will be subjected to harsh environments and high mechanical stress such as severe vibration and shock.

Automotive ICT Connectors*

These product series have been evaluated for use in automotive environments such as 125°C high heat, and vibration and shock according to USCAR-2 and LV214.**

* Compact connectors used in ICT devices such as PCs and smartphones that can also be used in automotive environments are named automotive ICT connectors.
ICT : Information and Communication Technology
** Please contact JAE for details on which automotive specifications products are tested to.

Board to Board/FPC Connector
WP26DK series

USB Type-C®Receptacle
DX07 Series

USB Type-C®Plug
DX07 Series

Floating Board to Board Connector
MA01 Series

Automotive USB 3.2 Compatible Connector
MA07 Series

*USB Type-C® is as trademark of USB Implementers Forum
*microSD™ is a trademark of SDA™

Examples of Automotive Applications


Rear Seat Display

Center Display

Digital Rearview Mirror

Center Console

Side-view Monitor

Stalk Switch

USB Type-C® Port

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