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JA-5 TYPE Ⅲ Accelerometer

Quartz Servo Accelerometers

Accelerometer JA-5Vtype3

The JA-5 Type III accelerometer is the highest navigation grade servo balanced quartz accelerometer JAE has been producing. The JA-5 Type III accelerometer provides excellent bias long term stability and bias temperature coefficient. JAE quartz accelerometers are today used in a variety of inertial navigation and guidance systems in Japanese aerospace industries.



  • Excellent bias long term stability
  • Current output, voltage output easy adjustable with readout resistor


  • Inertial Measurement System
  • Inertial Reference Syst
  • Attitude and heading reference system

Technical data

Operating temperature -54℃ to 96℃
Shock 100G
Input voltage ±15V(DC)
Input current (Quiescent) 5.0 mA max.
Range ±20.0G
Resolution 1μG max.
Scale factor (Nominal@25℃) 1.33mA/G
Bias (Nominal@25℃) ±4.0mG
Bias temperature coefficient ±30μG/℃ Max.
Frequency response 300Hz Min.
Self-test Current / Voltage
Diameter Φ25.5mm
Height 24.6mm
Weight 80 grams max.
Exportation Accelerometers must only be exported in accordance with all relevant regulations.
Export license from Japanese government is needed for JA-5 TYPEIII.
Technical information provided including specifications, drawings and schematics are for reference only.
Information provided is subject to change without prior notice.
Please contact your local sales representative with any questions before ordering.