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Environmental Report 2017

Scope of Reporting and Editorial Policy

Companies subject to reporting Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd., and its five domestic manufacturing plants
  • Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd. (JAE)
    (Includes the subsidiaries JAE Business Support, Ltd., Nikko Logistics, Ltd., JAE Hakko, Ltd., and Hirosaki Hakko Co., Ltd.)
  • JAE Hirosaki, Ltd. (HAE)
  • JAE Yamagata, Ltd. (YAE)
  • JAE Fuji, Ltd. (FAE)
  • JAE Shinshu, Ltd. (SAE)
*Activities at some overseas production sites are included. Environmental impact data for overseas production sites is reported separately from domestic sites.
Reporting period April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017
Activities subject to reporting All activities relating to environmental preservation are subject to reporting.
Anticipated readership This report is primarily designed for the company's shareholders and investors, customers (including manufacturers), suppliers from which it purchases parts and materials, JAE Group companies, and members of the communities in which the JAE Group operates.
Editorial policy The JAE Group strives to present its environmental commitments and policies as well as its actual activities in a clear and concise manner so that they will be readily understood by all who read this report.