Official Release: KW03C Series CHAdeMO Standard DC750V EV Charging and Discharging Connector

July 9, 2024

JAE has officially released the CHAdeMO Standard-compliant (*1) KW03C Series (UL Recognized (*2) and JCS Standard-compliant product (*3)), an EV charging and discharging connector with a rated voltage of DC750V and a rated current of 80 A, and is ideal for fast and medium-speed charging and V2G systems.

KW03C Series Connector for EV Charging

As the world moves toward global decarbonization, the Japanese government has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and has set targets for promoting a widespread shift to electric vehicles for both passenger and commercial vehicles. The popularization of electric vehicles will require the development of charging infrastructure, which necessitates that chargers suitable for the onboard battery capacity and charging time of EVs and electric buses are installed in locations such as homes and offices, highway service areas, and lodging and commercial facilities.
In order to shorten charging times, there is an increasing need for fast and medium-speed chargers compatible with a charging voltage of DC750V. The capacity of EV batteries are increasing to extend the distance that can be traveled with one charge, which means that medium-speed chargers that can charge vehicles faster than normal chargers must be available at lodging and commercial facilities. More recently, attention is being placed on V2G (Vehicle to Grid; technology that sends power bidirectionally between EVs and the power grid) systems that incorporate EVs into the power infrastructure, where electric buses are being considered as secondary batteries.
To respond to this societal need, JAE has released the KW03C Series with a rated voltage of DC750V, EV charging and discharging connector with cable, which is capable of fast and medium-speed charging and V2G systems. This product is compliant with the CHAdeMO Standard, which is widely used in Japan, as well as with the EV Charging and Discharging System Guidelines (*4). In terms of safety, this product is compliant with Japan’s JCS Standard for safety and successfully passed a strict waterproofing evaluation to be UL recognized, where UL is a widely trusted product safety testing laboratory, particularly in North America.

JAE markets EV charging connectors that combine durability and high-quality performance under the Powerlance™ brand, which aims to provide safety and ease-of-use, as well as high environmental durability.
JAE will continue to meet a wide variety of customer needs by expanding the lineup of products in the KW Series of EV charging connectors.

KW03C Series Connector for EV Charging


  • CHAdeMO-standard compatible
  • Compliant with EV Charging and Discharging System Guidelines
  • Compliant with JCS charging cable standards
  • UL recognized product
  • Rated voltage of DC750V
  • Highly reliable design using materials with high environmental durability

Applicable Devices and Markets

  • Medium-speed and quick chargers (CHAdeMO protocol)
  • V2X (CHAdeMO protocol)

General Specifications

Item KW03C Series  UL-recognized/JCS Standard-compliant Product
Number of Contacts Power: 2, Power Supply (12V): 1
Ground: 1, Signal: 6
Rated Current Power: 80A, Power Supply (12V): 6.4A, Signal: 2A
Rated Voltage Power: DC750V, Power Supply (12V), Signal: DC 16V max
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ min.
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 3,000 VAC, for one minute
Insertion and Removal Durability (cycles) 10,000 cycles
Insertion Force 100 N max.
Operating Temperature Range −30°C to +50°C


*1:CHAdeMO is the brand name of the fast charger protocol proposed as a standard specification by the CHAdeMO Association.
*2:Certification conducted by UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.), an independent safety science company based out of the USA.  The safety standard applicable to EV charging connectors is UL2251.
*3:A standard established by the Japanese Electric Wire & Cable Makers’ Association (JCMA).  The JCS Standard is a product and materials standard for electrical wires. It is widely used in Japan as a standard for testing, inspection, and technical calculations.
*4:A standard established by the Electric Vehicle Power Supply System Association (EVPOSSA) for controls and power connectors between EVs and indoor wiring.  It was created to ensure electrical safety and compatibility between vehicles and connected devices, especially for V2H (Vehicle to Home) systems that send power between EVs and homes.

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Information and details given here are as of the date of publication.Please note that the details may be changed.